Monday, March 15, 2010

Goatucation: What Exactly IS the Maaaaa of Pricilla

This is not a normal Goatucation because yesterday my Aunt Nora got me thinking. She was looking for balance in her life and said so on her Facebook page. The publicist gave her a stupid answer but I am a wise goat and I ruminated a bit and I gave her my philosphy which is The Maaaaa of Pricilla. I thought I would share it with all of you.

Only work with people you like; butt the others out of your life.


Play like a kid; hop, leap and frolic.

Eat what you love; burp with abandon.

 Bask in the sun; this is why we have the sun.

Love your herd; they have your back.

 I hope you enjoyed this less than traditional Goatucation post today from your less than traditional goat.

Tomorrow:  We have guests!


  1. Now that is indeed a philosophy for a happy life!

  2. It's funny my kid also follows those philosophies.

  3. A human could not have said it better!

  4. I'm Aunt Nora and I can say this goat has gotten through to me like few humans have. I'm currently butting bad people out of my life.

  5. Excellent advice Pricilla! Well done!

  6. Didn't realize you were such a deep thinker Pricilla. This is a good philosophy for all of us ... humans included.

  7. You are a very wise goat Pricilla. I think I might have to put this one on the refrigerator where all the important things go.

  8. Oh Pricilla, you are such a wise goat.

  9. A philosophy we could all live by!

  10. Pricilla is my kinda gal -- er, goat.

  11. Well there you go...can't argue with any of that!

  12. I see a series of silky fringed cushions on Etsy coming up...

  13. My favorite post ever. I'm saving this one. It made me happy.

  14. Very wise words Pricilla! Love the demonstrations too!

  15. When I grow up, I want to be a goat! You are very wise.

  16. Daisy - I sure think so. You have a good herd in your home.

    Sheila - thank you for visiting my blog. Is your kid a goat?

    blueviolet - thank you very much.

    polly's path - I try and keep my publicist in line. She needs it.

    Aunt Nora - you know we all love you here on the Farm. Even Abby.

    Claire - thank you.

    Aunt Vicki - I try and be a good goat and pass my ruminations along.

    Aunt Jen - I am glad I can decorate your house. And not with goat droppings.

    Secondary Roads - I am hiding a big brain in my little head.

    Pooba - it would be good if everyone would.

    SL - thank you very much.

    Jayne - thank you for visiting my blog. I try to be everyone's goat.

    Texan - I think Sugarcube would agree.

    jaz - who knew, right?

    Sharlene T. - well, I am not a good sewing goat so I don't know.

    Frogs - I am glad. That's what I like to do.

    BeadedTail - I am glad. I try my best.

    Cute - I think being a goat is the best.

  17. These are great rules, and proof of the wisdom of goats.

  18. Who knew goats where so philosophical?? :)

  19. Who needs therapy when you have goats?

    Thank you for all your love, hugs, and soap. I am enjoying them every day.


Maaaaaa away....


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