Friday, March 26, 2010

AbbyDay - I Inspect the Hay Pile

It's AbbyDay so of course I am going to show you what a wonderful goat I can be!
Pricilla tries to tell you that I am a mean goat but that is NOT TRUE!
I am a very helpful goat.
Just ask the publicist.
Today I helped her. A lot! In fact it is going to take two posts to tell you how much of a help I was. That's right!

You saw yesterday how the male person brought us some yummy new hay. But how did we really know it was yummy? Some goat needed to taste taste it and I thought that goat should be me!

So I climbed to the top of the hay pile.

I was going to be a thorough inspector goat so I gave it a good sniff.

Then I gave it a nibble.


And another nibble. And many more nibbles. Mmmmm, it's very good hay! I should know - I am a hay expert.

Then I checked the loose stuff at the bottom.

I found a tasty surprise!

I found some corn husks.
Mmmm, corn husks. What a yummy treat!

I had fun in the hay pile!
I made an excellent hay inspector.

Tomorrow: The rest of Abby's helpful day.


  1. Head Hay Inspector seems like a very important job, Abby!

  2. how lucky that you were allowed to inspect the new hay. you were allowed to do that weren't you? will you get to inspect it every day? it might not last very long.

  3. What a lucky goat you are Abby and such a nice colour!

  4. Inspector Abby, at your service. Free inspections of all hay piles!

  5. Wow, good job, Abby!

    The next time I need a pile of hay inspected, I know who to call!

  6. Abby, you really do go all out for the rest of the goats. I hope they appreciate you. I can't wait to see how else you helped out.

  7. As a kid we used to visit my uncle's farm and play in the hay pile. We didn't eat it but we had tons of fun!

  8. i get that. i used to hate chick peas too. then i found indian food and then i found hummus. now i love chick peas but only because they are a vessel to bring other flavors into my mouth. i mean really, they have no real flavor of their own.

  9. I can see that you take your hay inspector job seriously. Your publicist and the man are lucky to have you.

  10. I am amazed that your humans allow you to inspect the hay pile. We, the goats of Sunset Pines, are not allowed to do that. It's mainly because we like to potty all over it and once we potty on it, of course we don't eat it.

  11. I would say you worked hard and so deserved the corn husk!

    If you ever need help inspecting hay, I am just sayin :O). My legs are short but my nose and taste buds work great!

  12. You are the best hay inspector we've ever seen! You didn't miss anything!

  13. You are King of The......hay pile????

  14. Abby Speaks: I am a great inspector. I tasted lots of hay. In fact I tasted so much the publicist encouraged me to go to my pen.

    Thank you all for realizing what a good goat I am

  15. If I ever need a hay inspector, you are hired!

  16. How cute. I'd want to be on the top of the pile too.

  17. It is good that the hay was so well inspected. Excellent job, Abby!


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