Friday, March 12, 2010

AbbyDay: I Get Some Brushing

It's AbbyDay.
My favorite day of the week.
It is that time of year. The time we start to shed our warm winter undercoats.
I - and all the goats, except Mallory - have little poofs of underfuf all over us. I mean, just look at me...

This is not a good thing for a star goat!
So I called over to my executive assistant and requested some attention.

She was very thorough. Brushing my back...

Brushing my head....

 But then she just went and got silly on me. 
I MAAAAAed her back in line!

 Aaaaaah, pure bliss.

Until I had had enough! Even a goat being pampered has her limits!
I gave the goat stare of death!

I needed to get some hay.
I was a hungry girl.
It is hard to be pampered.

Tomorrow:  Luke has a three course meal.


  1. Daaahling! You look maaavelous!! hee hee

  2. What a beautiful goatie face you have! Star quality for sure!

  3. Hooray for AbbyDay!

    Abby, you are certainly one of the most expressive (and beautiful) goats I have ever seen. The bliss! The stare of death! Have you ever considered a career in acting?

  4. goatie spa day. you should see what comes off of teddy! chows don't shed so they have to have all that underfluff combed off. the birds all make nests out of teddy hair. it is so cute to see birds flying off with pieces of teddy in their beaks.

  5. Our goat Peepers is shedding too. And we sure know all about that look of death. Abby you sure are such a good looking goat. We have never seen a black goat. Have a great week end.

  6. This is some tough life you have over there, Miss Abby.Really.

  7. You look like you really enjoy your brushing! Maaaaaavelous!

  8. The goat Look of Death sounds very scary indeed.

  9. Brushing in a great thing. I gave my goats a good brushing today also.

  10. ooooh... the brushing feels so good, and you look so shiny!

  11. Not baaaaaaaaad living there in Montana! I had some Alsatian goats a while back and they were such fun. The horses hated them and would them out of their field, all the time! Thanks for sharing.

  12. A brush!! Thats it where is lady rancher! I demand a brush and for it to be used! A brush mercy sakes! I would so go for that! None of the others here would but well you know I looooovvveee to be petted and pampered just like you... oh yes I see a brush in my future!

  13. Underfluff! I love that word. It's all over my floor from the dog and the cat, not to mention me, I shed a lot.

    Abby, you certainly had a nice day at the spa. You look wonderful.

  14. Oh wow, a SPA! My kitties love a good brushing this time of year. I threaten to make sweaters out of their leftover fur. Stripey sweaters for everyone!!

  15. Abby, you look beautiful! You looked like you really enjoyed being brushed, until she got silly on you. It's good to be pampered from time to time though!

  16. The goat stare of death? Sounds like a low budget horror movie...not that anything about Abby is low budget. She's mahvelous.

  17. Isobelle - Thank you. It is hard to maintain my beauty.

    Melodie - Of course! I am Abby.

    JD - Why of course! Why do you suppose the publicist got the video camera. To make movies of ME!

    jaz - my underfur goes into the birds nests too. I am sure it keeps the baby birdies nice and warm.

    Marg - I was the only black goat here until Matthew was born. He had to steal my thunder. But he does not have nice white spots like I do.

    polly's path - I am glad someone appreciates how hard it is to stay beautiful.

    Cute - I will tell you a secret - I really do like to be brushed but I can't let the publicist know that. It would ruin my diva attitude.

    Aunt Vicki - it is! You would not want to be on the receiving end.

    angelandspot - thank you for visiting my blog. Lucky goats!

    Sharkbytes - a star must shine! heh heh

    Sharlene T. - thank you for visiting my blog. I have never lived with horses. The ones across the street come to visit now and then. I would probably butt them out of my field though.

    Texan - Sugarcube I think you should demand a brushing. Stomp your hoof!

    Aunt Jen - thank you. And stupid Pricilla said to say thank you for the nice things you wrote about her on your blog. When are you going to write about ME?

    Lin - I will send you my underfur if you want. As long as you don't mind eau d'Abby.

  18. Frogmama - LOW BUDGET?! Pffft! I only go five star all the way!


Maaaaaa away....


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