Friday, March 5, 2010

AbbyDay - A Happy Goats Movie EXTRA!

It's Friday and that means AbbyDay!
And since it is AbbyDay I can do whatever I want.
I want to show you a movie.
So there.

Pricilla and Matthew were erm, having quite a to-do and I, Abby, saved the day.
Look for my dramatic entrance!

You will note that I was NOT looking at the camera.
Oh no!
I was not showing off.
I was, erm, just looking at the publicist. That's it!
Not the camera at all.
I am not a diva goat.
Not ME!

I hope you all have a great and wonderful AbbyDay!


  1. Those horns look painful. I am glad that no one got hurt. Abby, like a true star, you just wanted to make sure that the camera got your good side.

  2. And the rooster, of course, was adding background "music" again! ;o)

  3. Being a diva is nothing to be ashamed of, my dear.

  4. you showed them a thing or two, Abby!
    There is nothing a few raised hairs and a pair of good horns can't cure. Including little to-dos.

  5. Yes, you came in in true heroine style! Goodness,Matthew is almost grow! How did that happen?

  6. Always lots of to doing with goats, tee hee... good thing you were there to keep things in hand :O)...

    and yes I agree our little Oopsie looks like Jeffrey!

  7. how did matthew get so big so fast? was that blue guy? he scared the crap out of me!!!!

  8. The rooster scared me out of my calm moment. I about hit the ceiling when he crowed the first time.

  9. Never a dull moment with goats.

  10. That darn rooster. I just LOVE goats!!

  11. OMG (oh my goat)! Matthew is getting so big!

    And Abby, I love how you nonchalantly strolled into the picture like, "Sheesh, must I save the day again?!" Good job.

  12. Stupid Blue Guy, stealing the scene. Otherwise, very entertaining. Looks like the goats are bored. :)

  13. Matthew was being pretty gentle with the mom to be Pricilla but it's good you made your dramatic entrance to break it up! That Blue Guy is noisy!

  14. So curious that in kitty language, heatbutts are mean affection, while in goat language they mean something quite different! Abby, you did a good job, diva or no!


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