Friday, February 12, 2010

Yay! The Computer is Back

I am a happy goat today! The computer is back and I can again blog for you!
Since it has been a while the publicist said that Abby would just have to wait for her day and that I could post today. I don't think Abby is happy about this but that is the way things go sometimes.

I need to tell you that I was not a good goat today.
No, it's true.
I was a rogue goat. I did my own thing instead of what the publicist wanted me to do.

I am not being milked right now because my kid is due in April and the publicist says I am an old goat and need a rest. 
I still think I should have my time on the milking stand! (Don't tell the publicist but I just really want the grain!)

Then when the other does went down to the pen I decided to go over by the pine trees and look around.

I took a little nibble.

I scratched my head. It feels soooooooo good.

I tried to hide behind the tree but I think I am a little big for that. What do you think?

Then I ate some yummy dried pine needles.

It was fun to be a rogue goat.
After that I was a good girl and went to my pen.
A girl's gotta go wild sometime in her life.
Especially considering the coming kid, you know?

I am very glad to be back blogging. Tomorrow you will see Matthew being a bad goat.


  1. I am very excited that you are going to have a kid! With age comes wisdom...and you still look fabulous!!!!You are a beautiful goatie!

  2. Sometimes a girl just needs to do her own thing!! Glad that you got the computer back!!

  3. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. preach it, sister!

    p.s. I am still holding on to my kid, just for kicks. My humans have just about given up on me, he he he.

  4. Nothing like a good scratch on the head, and pine in the belly. And if you dont tell anyone I will slip you some grain!

    AND if you would like to sell some of you FANCY goat soap on our website let me know. We have added a new category-Artisan Circle. Email me so we can discuss further ( is it difficult for a goat to type?)

  5. Sometimes a girl's just gotta go rogue! That first picture of you is really cute Pricilla!

  6. I'm glad you are back in action with the computer! Ugh!

  7. First you're rogue and next Matthew is going to be bad? I think the publicist needs to get a handle on all you goaties' craziness!

  8. Glad your computer is back up! Great pics of you:) Pine needles are so yummy!!

  9. We were very happy to have Pricilla guest post this week-she was a real treat.

  10. I think every girl should be able to have some fun every once in a while!


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