Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Waiting and Hoping

I want a doe, I want a doe, I want a doe, I want a doe, I want a doe, I want a doe, I want a doe, I want a doe, I want a doe, I want a doe, I want a doe, I want a doe, I want a doe!

Erm, Hi Pricilla!


  1. That is the funniest picture! Made my day! :)

  2. Oh, DEAR!

    Settle down! We all want something, after all. I want to watch the 3-hour special of "Lost" I taped last night, but I have to wait until all my work is done.


  3. Luke...I could send Liberty over?
    She has my Harrison worked up right now :O(. How bout I send her over? :O)

  4. That was funny! :-)

    Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day!

  5. Oh, those boys always have one thing on their minds....

  6. So does Luke know what he really wants?

  7. Poor Luke!

    Do they make blow-up dolls for goats, do you think?

  8. Darla - my little studmuffin is a bit impatient to say the least

    A.Marie - I am glad we could make you laugh

    Melodie - well, he is a buck goat after all.

    jaz - ain't it the truth!

    JD - I am afraid my little Luke does not understand patience.

    Texan - I am sure Luke would love to meet Liberty but I might have to butt her. I have enough competition around here.

    SL - Boys are funny, aren't they?

    Christian Mommy Writer - thank you for visiting my blog!

    Grampy's World - I do feel sorry for the poor boy...

    Lin - heh heh

    Aunt Lynne - I guess he's not really sure what he wants....heh heh

    BeadedTail - doesn't matter the species does it?

    Helene - you made the publicist and the male person laugh out loud

  9. I hope you get a doe sweetie. You're a very cute goat.


Maaaaaa away....


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