Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Startled Publicist

I have to admit to laughing at the publicist yesterday.
It's true.
I suppose it was not very nice of me, but sometimes the publicist is very funny.
She was out taking the photos of Abby participating in the Field Lounging Goat Olympics and she suddenly screamed! 
What could have caused this reaction?
Tango the cat was there to judge the Goat Olympics.

He jumped up on the fence to oversee Abby's form and he just startled the publicist!

She did not know he was an official Goat Olympic judge.
OK - maybe we should have told her, but then we would have missed the scream.
heh heh
After he saw enough and noted his comments he jumped down and went back home.

Abby did indeed win the Gold Medal.

All of us goats want to wish the publicist and the male person a Happy Anniversary!

Tomorrow:  Sunday Movies with the Happy Goats


  1. Happy Anniversary! Are you going out for dinner anywhere? Or are you staying home to slave over your tiny little hot stove?

    I will not be hiking down to the grand canyon... I could get down there... but I don't think that there is an elevator back up is there?

    Who was competing against abby in the Olympic Lounging contest? Zoomies thinks it was rigged...!

  2. tango wins the gold for the best halloween cat pose!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! That looks like a very small post for a very large cat. It can't have been too comfortable.

  4. Happy Anniversary!-publicist and the male person. Tango is a very distinguished looking judge.

  5. Happy Anniversary!!!!

    My that is one big cat!

    Another new kid at our place today!

  6. Happy Anniversary!!! I hope you spend the day gazing into each others eyes....:)

    Hey, thanks, Patty, for asking about Hobbes and sending the prayers and encouraging words. He is better--not great yet, but I think he is slowly getting better. If it was FIP, he wouldn't be doing that. Keep your fingers crossed, but I think we have turned a corner.

  7. Happy Anniversary to the publicist and the male person! Hope they have a wonderful day!

    Tango is one big kitty on a little bitty pole. How funny that he scared the publicist!

  8. Congratulations Abby! And Happy Anniversary to the publicist and the male person!

  9. Yeah, even I might have been a bit unnerved to look over my shoulder and find a big guy like that scrutinizing me so seriously!

    Tell your human and her male human we wish them a happy anniversary!

  10. What a handsome fellow Tango is!!


Maaaaaa away....


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