Saturday, February 13, 2010

Matthew Doesn't Listen - Just WHERE Did He Learn That?

I am sure you were all shocked to learn that I was a bad goat yesterday.
But I was not the only bad goat.
Oh no!
Matthew was a bad goat too!
I guess I am showing my grandkid some bad examples but what can I say - a does gotta have some fun sometime.

Matthew also decided to check out the pine trees. He hopped right up on his hind legs to nibble away.

The publicist called him to go to the pen but he just ignored her!
Baaaaad Matthew!

He just kept nibbling.
I can't say that I blame him because I know how yummy those pine trees taste.

Tomorrow:  Sunday Movies with The Happy Goats


  1. called matthew and he ignored you? matthew just might have a little bit of chow chow in him!!!

  2. You actually expect a goat to listen? Cats don't listen either... So is your snow all gone?

  3. Matthew is so handsome, I think this should definitely excuse him from any occasional naughtiness. :-)

  4. Mathew is too cute to listen? :)

  5. Those must have been really tasty pine trees for Matthew to not listen!

  6. i always use cruise control when i am on the highway. but cruising down rte. 20, you come upon small towns every few miles and the mph drops to 30 mph. stupid me...i was farm shopping and not paying attention. damn! i haven't had a speeding ticket in years. i mght end up in attica!!!

  7. How can anyone be mad at someone so cute?

  8. It's not "ignoring", it is "selective hearing". Sheesh.

  9. He is listening..he is just telling you "talk to the tail!" Our goaties do it too!

  10. I guess I always assumed that you all knew your names, but it's super cute to picture the publicist calling Matthew to come in!

  11. He just looks SO big to me there!


Maaaaaa away....


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