Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Compete in the Goat Olympics

Just because I am an old goat and a pregnant goat does not mean I cannot be a good Goat Olympics team member for the Happy Goats Farm.
Oh, no!
I entered the Basking in the Sun competition and I think I blew all of the other goats out of the field!
I mean I have been basking in the sun for 13 years now so I not only have style, I have lots of experience.

We were a bit concerned that this event would not be held because of the weather conditions we usually have but lo and behold the sun came out in full force just when we needed it!

I geared myself up and I put in a Gold Medal performance if I do say so myself - just look at me here -

have you ever seen a better bask in your life?
I do a little stretch and scratch to show the judges that I can make that sun glint off of my fur even though it has been a bit warm and we are entering shaggy time around these parts.

You can see the concentration on my face as I work at my best Basking in the Sun performance so I can bring home the gold!

 And you thought basking was all relaxation. Ha!
This is perfect form. I dare you to beat me!

I hope you enjoyed this competition day of the Goat Olympics. It's hard work, but some goat has to do it.

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  1. i think the blog tech could give you a run for your money in the basking department!

  2. You did a great job and deserve the Gold!

  3. You look marvelous is your thick winter coat!

  4. I am not sure Pricilla.... There are numerous cats around who could give you a run for the medal. I'm just sayin'...

  5. I have to agree with Julia. But Im just the peanut gallery sitting over here on the side sipping my vodka I mean orange juice

  6. Hahaha! What a winner! They need to add a Basking in the Sun competition in the human olympics. I could probably do that.

  7. I'd say that was a perfect performance Pricilla. The gold medal is certainly yours! Those years of experience are paying off for you now.

  8. I am seeing another gold for goat team USA!!! You guys are cleaning up this year on the medals!! Go USA goats!!

  9. Pricilla, you look absolutely gorgeous basking in the sun. You definitely deserve the gold (even platinum if that were an option).

  10. Your precision and technique is obvious Pricilla! You are a Gold medal winner!

  11. jaz - I do not know. I am the queen of basking.

    Donna C - Thank you very much.

    Melodie - I am erm, basking in my glory.

    Julia - there is a certain way that goats bask that cats cannot copy.

    AB - you need to see a goat in action,erm inaction to know for sure.

    Pooba - I will be happy to teach you all I know.

    Aunt Vicki - sometimes it pays to be an old goat.

    Texan - that's right! It seems that you guys have won the gold in the Cute Kid competition.

    SL - thank you. I worked, erm, basked hard for it.

    Anne - thank you for respecting my basking work. It's a tough job but some goat has to do it.

    Frogs - thank you. I think I bask better than Abby lounges.

    BeadedTail - thank you for noticing.

  12. Hello-I stopped by for a diversion and smile-it worked.

  13. Pricilla, you are right - goat sunning is very different from cat sunning. They are two different sports! I think your basking showed flawless form. You've earned a gold medal for sure!

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  15. Your precision and technique is obvious Pricilla! You are a Gold medal winner!


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