Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Goats Video Extra! - The Goat Olympics Continue

Since the Goat Olympics are such an important event and they don't happen all that often I told the publicist that having some extra videos this week was OK. She agreed and so today I am going to show you Happy Goats video of the Synchronized Bark Eating event.

Of course we wanted to enter our best eaters into this event. Mallory and Matthew had already won a medal in the Synchronized Dirt Eating so we entered them in this event too.

They did very well as you will see.

The Goat Olympics are coming to an end and I have to say that I will be happy. I am an old goat and all of this excitement is a bit much for me. All of that basking in the sun was HARD WORK.

Tomorrow: It's AbbyDay 

(ps: The publicist has another video of Mallory and Matthew on her blog.)


  1. That rooster always finds a way into the video! Hahahaha!

    I liked the dainty hoof-pawing action on the bark.

  2. What a stellar performance! Gold Medal worthy for sure!

  3. That is some impressive and intense bark eating!

    (Prudence jerked awake from a sound sleep at the sound of that rooster!)

  4. Matthew has perfected the technique of getting more bark off the log, hasn't he?! And the rooster just keeps on crowing... do the roosters crow all day long? Some of ours drove me crazy. I would just keep telling them OKAY, got it, I'm UP already! ;o)

  5. Since my computer is slower than dirt today...somedays its like that with this air card thingy we use to hook to the Internet... I can't see the event!! But I bet you guys win a gold!!

  6. I have to say, those are first class eaters! I think they will sweep all the eating competitions.

  7. Dang, they take the best eaters event pretty seriously!

  8. Holy cow I mean goat! Its like goats gone wild. And somehow that naughty rooster always makes himself known!

  9. Great technique once again! You all are gold medal winners on your farm! That rooster sure is noisy.

  10. It's a dual event--Log rolling AND bark eating. I'm impressed!

  11. Daisy - those roosters never seem to shut up around here. They are very annoying.

    Aunt Vicki - I will pass your comment on to Mallory and Matthew. They are good eaters, that's for sure!

    JD - the roosters will wake the dead.

    Split Rock - they do crow all day. They start at about 4AM and they crow until the sun goes down. They crow and crow and crow and crow. A goat can hardly nap.

    Texan - I am sorry about the slow computer. The publicist can empathize. They showed very good form.

    Anne - and the burping competitions.

    Pooba - well, they want that gold medal!

    AB - you don't want to know what I think of that rooster.

    BeadedTail - thank you for understanding how great they are at eating. Such a talent....

    Lin - we are happy AND talented goats.

    veterenkindergartenteacher - thank you for visiting my blog. They are indeed good eaters.


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