Saturday, February 27, 2010

Goat Olympics Round Up

It is that time when the Goat Olympics must come to an end.
I know.
It is sad but we can't stay in competition form all the time. It would just be too hard. 
A goat has to have SOME time off.
It was a good year for The Happy Goats.

Abby took the gold in Field Lounging. I think it was her smile that took her over the top in the points.

Mallory and Matthew took the silver in Synchronized Dirt Eating. They were beaten out by a team from another Farm. But Matthew is young and he will learn.

I of course won gold in Basking. I have been basking for years and no one can out bask me.
Don't even try....

Tomorrow we will have the closing ceremonies and I will hopefully have the goat dance of joy for you.
Keep your hooves crossed!


  1. It was a good run. You are all heroes in my book.

  2. Congratulations to all of you talented goaties!

  3. I love watching the amazing goats. Thanks for your support.

  4. maybe now it is on to the goat oscars!!! i would love to see all of you on the red carpet!

  5. Now we just have to wait four long years until the next competition. Hmmm....

  6. Did you have a lip curling event??

  7. The Goat Olympics have been much more entertaining than the ones up north.

  8. You all have had a great Goat Olympics! We'll be back for the closing ceremonies.

  9. Congrats on your fabulous goat achievements! I will be bragging that I know you all, and dropping your names regularly. ;)

    I hope there's a goat dance tomorrow!

  10. Marla - thank you for appreciating just how hard it is to bask.

    Melodie - thank you. We all deserve a rest now. Whew!

    Esme - we are glad we could vote for your kitties.

    jaz - I don't wear my pearls that often. I don't like to get dressed up.

    Julia - it takes a lot of resting time to build up to that level of basking.

    Lin - that was the Flemming - we did not enter this year.

    Jen - that is because The Happy Goats entered the Goat Olympics.

    Beaded Tail - thank you for all of your support.

    SL - thank you. It's good when the hard work pays off.

    Cute - it's tough to be famous.


Maaaaaa away....


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