Sunday, February 28, 2010

Don't Leave Me

Heh Heh
I know I hinted at the famous Goat Dance of Joy.
But I have to disappoint you.
It doesn't mean I won't have it for you later in the week......
But today I have a special treat for you. Well, it really was for us but you might enjoy us eating our treat.

That's right! A friend of the male person gave him several bags of tasty dried leaves and now we get to munch them all up.

My little studmuffin got to check them out first. He wasn't sure about the bag at the beginning...

 ...but the publicist spilled them out for him and he munched away.

Then she brought some into our pen.
Mallory had to be a bully goat again and she rushed right up to get her share.

Matthew was there too! Of course...

 The publicist made a seperate pile for Abby and me to munch. Wasn't that nice of her?

I just love a crunchy leaf!

So does Abby.

I was giving Matthew a bit of the stink eye here. I really wanted him to move so I could eat some more.

We all had a nice taste of something we don't get to eat very often. All of our trees are pine trees. There is one more bag left so I know we will have another tasty treat on another day.

Tomorrow:  Goatucation


  1. Leaves! I love leaves!!!! I see those chickens have to try to get in there too!

  2. is there anything you guys don't like to eat?

  3. I'm glad you had a delicious leafy snack!

  4. It is so nice to get a yummy treat! Leaves are good,being a human I would prefer cheese cake, But I know leaves are like cheesecake for goaties!

  5. I gathered bags of leaves up from my mom's lawn in the fall, and our girls loved them.
    Ps. Thanks for the soap tip. I had read that as well, so we did have our milk slushy cold. We're eager to try another batch--it was fun!

  6. Oh I just love leaves. There is something so special about the tasty, and crunchy texture. Great for a Sunday dinner with friends.

  7. I didn't know you goats ate leaves. I like to play in leaves and I'll pass on eating them. So how many calories and fat do they have?

  8. Sorta like a bag of chips, eh? I'd be glad to send you lots of bags of leaves, Pricilla!!

  9. Too bad leaf-eating isn't an Olympic sport. The whole team would have won medals!

  10. Gourmet funny. I never knew leaves were on the "oh yummy" list.

  11. I really need to get a goat. I'd save so much on trash service and hauling things to the dump. I'm glad all you guys had a nice treat.

  12. Yum! And I know the chickens had a great time scratching around on those delicious dried leaves, too!
    Did none of you want to devour that plastic bag? Sheesh, if I left a bag like that out -leaves or no leaves - that'd be the first thing Pete and Reggie would try to gobble. Silly boys!!

  13. Looks like nature's salad! Glad you enjoyed your leaves!

  14. My goats love brown, crunchy leaves. They will seek them out even over green leaves..I don't get it. Maybe the brown ones are like crunchy potato chips to them. :)

  15. a bag of leaves,,,yummy... we like leaves too!!

  16. missbreezysbox gave you a shout-out on her blog so I thought I would paw my way over to say hi! I didn't know goats had blogs! How cool! And you are all so cute! I never tried to eat leaves, but I have slept on piles of them. Enjoy your yummy snack!


  17. I wonder if leaves are as yummy as crunchy crickets?

  18. Just goes to show you, one man's old pile of leaves is another goat's treasure! Nom Nom Nom!

  19. I wish you were closer so I could invite all of you here. We have more leaves than you all could ever eat. We blow them into the swamp (sorry, wetlands) every fall so there are years worth of leaves just waiting for you.


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