Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bad Farm Kitten!

I am sad to report today that I have to tell you of the bad antics of Sherpa the Farm Kitten.
Yes, it's true!
When I was in writing the blog I saw it with my own eyes.
Sherpa is a baaaaaaad kitten.
I will tell you what I saw...
The male person was very nice to the publicist for Valentine's Day - he gave her some tasty pretty flowers. I was a very good goat and I did not even take a small nibble. I knew how much these flowers meant to the publicist. She does not get flowers that often.
He also gave her a very nice card - I did not eat this either. 
I am a good goat!

But then I saw this! Just notice the look in those devilish sweet little kitten eyes. Don't you see trouble brewing?

First he tried to sniff them - or was he trying to eat them? That's what I would have done.

He seemed fascinated by the publicist's flowers. No matter how many times she yelled "bad kitty" he just kept trying to touch her flowers.

He tried from a box.

He tried from his scratching post.

He was a determined kitty!

I can report that he finally knocked them down to the floor spilling water everywhere!
The publicist was not happy.
The male person was not happy.
Sherpa had a "time out."
Bad kitty, baaaaaad kitty.
But it is tough for the publicist to stay mad at that cute little face.

Tomorrow: Wordless Wednesday.


  1. It is difficult to defend some-kitty when the alleged kitty's crime is cough on tape!

  2. Oh Sherpa, you done a very notty thing! Good thing you are so adorable!

  3. Aw yes. Im afraid I have had this happen too many times. My male person has bought me many flowers over the years and my kids go bananas when flowers are on the table. They bite, chew, play and finally knock over. EVERY TIME! I think they are just jealous

  4. Oh the joys of kittenhood. It's too sad that the kitten is a hood. I think the publicist will forgive him, don't you?

  5. I hope Sherpa didn't get in too much trouble. He's too cute for serious punishment.

  6. OMGOSH...very BADDDDDDDDDDD kitty. This was so cute. I can't even bring flowers in the house that have baby's breathe in them because our DIVA Ms. Peaches eats it...LOL!!!!!


    and yes you were a very goooooood goat!!!

  7. sherpa was just trying to share in the love!!!

  8. The male person was very thoughtful! The flowers are beautiful. I can't blame Sherpa for wanting to touch them.
    And...it was nice that the very good goat didn't nibble them.
    Have a great day.

  9. Oh, he's just a baby. I've spent many holidays admiring my bouquet from the safety of the sink. I've mopped up after too many kittens to chance it anymore. Now that they are older, the kitties don't seem all that interested in boring flowers anymore.

  10. Oh my gosh I love when my husband buys me flowers but they are eatin within hours!

    Damn cats!

  11. Unfortunately, kitties are impulse driven and do not always do what they should. I am glad that Sherpa was forgiven because he is really a total cutie. Of course, you are the favorite since you didn't eat the flowers no matter how delicious they looked.

  12. Well, there's a reason that kitties are so cute! Flowers in our house go way up high or else the same thing would happen here.

  13. No way I could have stayed mad at that cute little face, either! I have flowers in my house sometimes, and I don't put much water in them because I just know Moo is gonna pull a "Sherpa"... ;)

  14. Awww, Sherpa's just a normal kitty! That's why my human took the bouquet that her boyfriend gave her and put it somewhere we couldn't get to - because we are normal kitties too.

  15. What pretty flowers. My mom doesn't keep flowers in the house because our kitties are bad too!


  16. And you didn't take advantage of the flowers, I mean, once the baad kitty had knocked them over already??? Good goat.


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