Friday, February 26, 2010

AbbyDay - Who's That Knocking?

It's Friday and that means it's AbbyDay - the best day of the week!
I don't know what happened but I went to the trailer to type up the blog and

What was up with that? Did the publicist not want me to type the blog?
Is she firing me?

Obviously she let me in or you wouldn't be reading this....
You can see how excited I am when it is my turn to blog; my tail is a wagging!

Tomorrow:  Goat Olympic Roundup


  1. The Publicist could never fire you! There would be rioting in blog land!
    You are very cute wagging your tail!

    Thank you for the kind comments at my place.

  2. Glad The Publicist let you in so you could blog today - we would have missed you!!

  3. Gosh we sure are glad you got in there. We need your input, that is for sure.

  4. you need to learn how to open the trailer door!

  5. Geesh, how rude! Don't they know talent is waiting???

  6. It's a good thing she let you in, especially on AbbyDay! We played your video twice to make sure we saw your tail wagging!

  7. Melodie - She should be there waiting for me. It's AbbyDay after all!

    Split Rock - thank you. I am glad someone understands.

    Marg - thank you for visiting my blog. I am the most important goat on this Farm.

    jaz - I am going to have to indeed!

    Lin - I knew you would understand. You know talent when you see it!

    BeadedTail - I know - my tail wags so fast!

  8. I've been missing the goat antics. I think I'm all caught up now.

    Smiles. Goat smiles.


Maaaaaa away....


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