Saturday, February 6, 2010

ABBYDAY: Mallory is a Bully

The publicist messed up my schedule and I have to do my Friday AbbyDay on Saturday that made me mad. But I still got my day and I am going to use it to tell you a bald truth about a goat on this Farm.

That's right.

Mallory is a bully. Everyone thinks I am a bully goat but I have nothing on Mallory the goat. I was quietly eating my hay, not bothering any one.

Do you see that goat face in the corner?

Mallory came and took my spot!

I then went over the hay pile under the chicken house and guess what?

Mallory had to have that spot too!

I went back to the small goat house and Mallory stalked me and she butt me!

Can you imagine? I mean these things happen to wimpy Pricilla, but not to me. Who does Mallory think she is?

I am so distraught I am going to finish my story tomorrow. The publicist said I could have an extra day on the blog because Mallory was so mean to me. And because she was stupid enough to not know what day it was.

The publicist even gave me an extra scratch on the tail.

It was almost worth it for an extra scratch on the tail.

Tomorrow:  The rest of Mallory's reign of terror.


  1. Wow Malorie is a control freak! She wants to take over the world in goatland. How dare she! Hrumph. What a naughty goat. You get her next time Abby.

  2. I wonder what has got Malorie in such a bad mood? Maybe she has goatie PMS!

  3. Your Mallory sounds like our Bossy!
    She pushes us around our of eating spots, and its not enough she eats from one pile, oh no she wants to eat all the piles! Good Grief.
    Well you know what Kota the dog says "put her on the trailer" well I don't think that is happening but a little short legged goat can dream!

  4. sorry about mixed up word jumbled post LOL but you get the idea.

  5. What is with Mallory causing such turmoil on the Farm? You should certainly get several extra tail scratches for all that!

  6. Mallory...what's gotten into you?

  7. Julia - I don't know. It's just not nice.

    Melodie - that sounds like an idea....

    Texan - I understood you completely.

    BeadedTail - thank you for understanding.

    blueviolet - I think she needs to be erm, readjusted.

  8. Mallory just wants to be like you. That's what I think.

  9. This wouldn't be happening if Nora was there.


Maaaaaa away....


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