Saturday, February 6, 2010

AbbyDay II - The Rest of the Mallory Story

I told you yesterday about how mean Mallory is being to me. It is not right. 
I do not deserve to be butt.
Ok, Ok, I have done my share of butting.
I have even butt the publicist.
But really. I just want to eat my hay!

Mallory even butts me when I am just standing around.

This has got to stop!
At least the publicist feels sorry for me and pets me on the head.

I like that. 

Movies will return next week when the publicist will hopefully have our scedule back on well, schedule.

Tomorrow: Goatucation


  1. Ah, I agree, you definitely do not deserve to be butted!

  2. Well! That is just not very polite! What's a nice goatie to do!

  3. I guess that makes Mallory a true butt head...maybe you should butt back? No, then you're no better than she is. Just tell her to STOP!

  4. Maybe Mallory feels you have done her wrong. Think...does she have a reason to be butting you? Take time if you need, I understand your brains could be a little scrambled. It's very nice of the publicist to rub your head.

  5. You deserve more head pets after all that crazy Mallory business. Not ifs, and or butts about it!

  6. At least you get petted after being butted. That makes it a little better.

  7. I think everyone is bored. My kids are bickering these days too.

  8. Someone is being a butt head. HEE HEE

  9. i say....butt back! one must be careful of what one wishes for! this storm has humbled me! we still can't get out of the driveway and i don't see that changing any time soon. there is no where to put the snow you shovel and now we have walls of snow in front of all our driveways and they are frozen. we're trapped!!! and more snow is on the way!

  10. I totally understand this being butted for no good reason! That Bossy, she does this to me all the time! I am with the dog Kota...put em on the trailer!! tee hee

  11. Maybe Mallory's crank because she senses her kid is going away soon? Or maybe she's just cranky! :->

  12. Senseless butting? The publicist is nice to offer a head rub...


Maaaaaa away....


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