Friday, February 19, 2010

AbbyDay - I Will Win the Gold Medal in Field Lounging!

Hi everyone! It's AbbyDay so you know what that means! All Abby - glorious Abby.
Since the Olympics are going on I thought I would show you my Gold Medal form in the great goat Olympic event of Field Lounging. I suspect that you find no other goat has better form and that I will be awarded the Gold Medal!

Just look at me here - have you ever seen a prettier goat?

 My fur just shines even in the limited sun.

I stretch to scratch at my leg and you can see my goat muscles. Mmm! I am gorgeous!

 Young Matthew could learn a lot from studying me. It will be many years before he even comes close to being medal ready. You can see I am giving him some tips. I can be a helpful goat.

I even attempted a big smile for the judges.

Then my profile...
I don't even let those pesky chickens mess with my style.

 And now I just wait for the big announcement! I am sure that it will soon be all over the news that I, Abby the goat, have won the Gold Medal in Field Lounging.

You can all applaud now!

Tomorrow: An unexpected visitor during the Field Lounging competition


  1. it's annoying to be a great athlete and have all those bothersome fans (chickens) surrounding you.

  2. Maybe the medal will be made of a golden apple..yum..then you can eat it too.Maybe as part of being the winner it would be replaced weekly with a new golden apple medal...

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  4. Field lounging... Now there is something that I could excel at! I also have a few cats that could take on abby... one of which has lovely black fur .. nice soft fur... watch out abby.. you have competition!

  5. WOO-HOO!!!! Congratulations, Abby!

    I just knew when I saw that big smile that you would win. And I know it wasn't just the smile. The judges took everything into account, especially your goatly calm when the chickens tried to intrude.

  6. Thunderous applause... happy lounging Abby!

  7. You would have to share the podium with Xena the Bouvier, except her excellent lounging skills take place mainly ... well, anywhere.

  8. Go Abby, Gold for the USA in goat lounging!!!

  9. you are very funny funny!!! you would have loved seeing me in the kitchen. i am typing away thinking...what smells like burning sugar? then it hit me....burning sugar. ugh! what a mess.

  10. Can you hear clapping hands all the way down here in Georgia, Abby?
    I would surely vote for you.
    The best part is how you don't let the chickens stand in the way of your performance!
    Have a great weekend.

  11. And another one for team USA-Goat division!
    A beauty, indeed. I love the white markings.

  12. You have the Gold locked up Abby! Can you hear our applause?

  13. I know I am an excellent lounger and I am glad that you all can respect that. Pricilla has nothing on me when it comes to hanging out in the field!

    I want to thank you all for your applause and support. If I could I would give you ALL gold medals!

  14. Amazing, overcoming adversity such as distracting chickens and still coming out on top with a smile! Definitely an Olympian performance from you, Abby!

  15. Abby, you are a fabulous lounger although I have a cat who could beat you (luckily, the Olympics are for field lounging and he isn't allowed outside). Those who are unkind call him lazy.


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