Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Very First Happy Goats Video - Starring Sherpa the Farm Kitten

The publicist has brought me the news that she has figured out how to use her new video camera. It's still too cold for any of the Happy Goats to star in a movie so she did an indoor movie starring Sherpa the Farm Kitten.

It was easy to get Sherpa to star because she gave him treats. I hope I get treats when it is my turn to star in a movie. I love treats. These were special treats! The publicist did a giveaway on her blog from The Lucky Dog Treat Company and Marlene sent Sherpa some yummy treats to try.  As you will see, Sherpa really liked his treats!

The publicist will hopefully get better as she learns how to use her new camera. It is supposed to warm up this week so keep your fingers crossed!

Tomorrow: Goatucation


  1. sherpa is one pretty kitty. these videos are going to be fun!

  2. How fun! Sherpa is gorgeous. Of course, I am partial to cats.
    And goats, of course.

  3. That was a great movie about Sherpa! So much tension and drama! And then . . . a happy ending.

    I can't wait to see more movies of ALL the farm animals.

  4. It was so fun to watch Sherpa in action, especially the lick-lipping at the end. In case you don't already know, you can get Windows Movie Maker for free. It's a really simple program for adding titles, credits, subtitles, special effects and such.

  5. SHERPA! How I loves that kitteh.... glad I was able to keep him an easy model for a minute, lol he is so cute at the end!

  6. Looks like the treats were yummy. Nice job on the first movie. Happy Sunday!

  7. That was most certainly a happy kitty! :)

  8. Oh, he is growing up so FAST! I like how he looks at the camera like "More??". LOL!

  9. Yippee! Video of Sherpa was darling. Can't wait for more...

  10. It was fun seeing Sherpa in action! Those treats were lip smacking good!

  11. I have to say that Sherpa is a very handsome cat. I can't wait for the goat videos.

  12. The video camera will be so much fun! I don't always have the patience to watch videos. Our Internet hook up is slooooowwwww where we live.. But I did see this one!

  13. Sherpa is adorable. What a sweet face! More treats, please.

  14. jaz - yes but the publicist has a large learning curve ahead of her.

    Debbie - goats are most important around HERE!

    JD - Sherpa is a piggie kitty

    Daisy - thank you for that great advice!!!

    Marlene - Sherpa loves your treats!

    missbreezybox - Sherpa is very spoiled.

    blueviolet - a VERY happy kitty!

    Lin - he is growing like a weed!

    Marla - the publicist is going to try more tomorrow!

    BeadedTail - Sherpa loves 'nip!

    Anne - the publicist is going to have fun, I think.

    Cute - nothing like the nip, right?

  15. cute! and I love the name "sherpa." Hope that you are enjoying your new camera and that it warms up for you soon! I can't wait to see more!


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