Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sunday Movies with the Happy Goats - Run!

Does everyone have their popcorn?
Are you comfortable in your seat?
I ask because it is time for

Sunday Movies with the Happy Goats

Today's movie stars me, Pricilla! I am in a joyful mood and I think it shows. Enjoy the movie!

I sure hope that you enjoyed today's movie I had fun performing for you. Be sure you come back next Sunday for the next great movie!

Tomorrow:  Goatucation


  1. How fun! Although I had to watch it 137 times so I could finish my popcorn. :D

  2. You are too funny...and that was just what I needed tonight. Thanks!

  3. Cute fat goat running...genius.

  4. I blinked the first time and missed it. You look like you have had a little caffeine.

  5. I laughed so much I had to watch it three times. I love goats!

  6. Pricilla, I loved seeing you running! And I could hear your little hoofsteps, too!

  7. Wow - you're a very fast runner Pricilla!

  8. Please try using Blogger to upload videos-Photobucket hides half of it under ads, and it is really sloooooow to load. Otherwise, Go Girl!

  9. Oh my gosh, she is sooooo fast!!!!!

  10. i am thinking goat olympics here. i think pricilla can take the gold.

  11. Pricilla, you ran so fast we thought you were going to knock over the publicist! Bet your baby is saying "Wheeeee"!

  12. You are like a silver bullet!! Wow!

  13. She moves quickly for a goat who has a little plumpness. It made me giggle.

  14. Wow, Pricilla, you run fast! And you didn't even need to be tempted with the Cat Dancer. Wait a minute, that didn't sound right... is there such a thing as a Goat Dancer?

  15. Nanny Goats - just 'cause I have short legs doesn't mean I can't move fast. Popcorn is good for you. Full of fiber and stuff.

    Ann - I am glad I could make you laugh with my running.

    Carolyn - I am not fat! I am pregnant. Harumph!

    Jen - actually Mallory was chasing me but let that be our little secret.

    Marla - I am glad I am making everyone laugh today. I make the publicist laugh too.

    Daisy - that's 'cause I'm a little heavier than usual right now.

    Aunt Vicki - if Mallory were chasing you you would go fast too!

    Cici - thank you. The publicist is going to try and learn this blogger upload thing.

    blueviolet - just 'cause I'm low to the ground doesn't mean I can't fly.

    jaz - I am a golden goat!

    BeadedTail - she did jump a little....

    Lin - this old goat can MOVE!

    Christy - thank you. I enjoyed stretching my little goat legs.

    Frogs - that is my goal. To keep you happy.

    Sparkle - I am the goat dancer when I do my goat dance of joy!


Maaaaaa away....


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