Saturday, January 9, 2010

SpokesGoat Announcement

Well, I guess I really have two announcements. The first is that the memory card for the publicist's new video camera arrived! Isn't that exciting? But the bad news is the temperature around these parts; it was 19* last night so the publicist couldn't take any movies of us. It will have to wait until the middle of next week when it warms up.
Oh well!

But now I have exciting news about my rich soap. This is what a SpokesGoat does and I have to earn my keep around here! But first I must show my headshot so you know I am on duty

The publicist can now make tiny, little bars of my rich soap
These are perfect as favors for weddings or showers.

Aren't they cute? They weigh 1.5 ounces and she can make them in any scent that is available in my shop or she could even order a custom scent with enough lead time.  These are a special order item because they take a month to cure so you have to let the publicist know you need them a bit ahead of time.

The publicist has done several orders of these cute soaps already; one large wedding and one trade show.  She can even make custom labels at no extra charge! 

She can also make small round soaps too. 
She is just full of ......ideas.

So remember, 
Pricilla the SpokesGoat says

if you need favors for a party, wedding, shower or show
Happy Goats Soap is the place to go.

You didn't know I was a poet goat did you?

Tomorrow:  Hopefully video of Sherpa as a practice run.


  1. Those little soaps are very cute!

  2. what a cool idea for wedding favors. now if i can just convince my daughter to marry her boyfriend i could use this idea. i tell her at least once a day that i need a grandchild!

  3. Those are cute! I bet the publicist will sell a lot of them,especially with such a talented spokesgoat !

  4. Videos are coming soon?? Way cool! And I like the giant bars of soap but can see the need for mini's! Way to diversify!!

  5. I for one think adding the tiny "cute" factor to your soaps was a fabulous idea!

  6. That is a great idea to have a smaller soap. A good way for people to try different soaps or to give as gifts for those who aren't yet convinced that handmade soap is the best soaps ever!

  7. awesome! I would much prefer as a guest to receive this than say, a matchbook, or a pot of flowers. mmmmmm rich soap!

  8. Those little soaps are so cute!!

  9. Those little soaps are adorable! If only we weren't so many years past my wedding. They would make a great wedding or shower gift.

  10. Those are cute little soaps! Great idea to use them as favors!

    Hope it warms up so we can see videos of all of you!

  11. Daisy - thank you very much. They are Daisy sized!

    jaz - you will make a wonderful grandmother!

    Melodie - thank you very much. I love my rich soap.

    Julia - the publicist got a video camera for Christmas.

    Cute - we are trying to make everyone happy.

    Aunt Vicki - thank you! I think I look good.

    Theresa - thank you...I do have sample soaps for sale. hint hint

    Marlene - it is a good gift. And useful!

    SL - thank you very much.

    Anne - the publicist has been married forever too.

    BeadedTail - I want it to warm up too!

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog (via Nanny Goats). It's nice to meet you.

    The little soaps are a great idea! I'll keep them in mind for future showers.


  13. I never would have thought of using little soaps as wedding favors. Great idea!

  14. This is very exciting news! I can think of all kinds of uses for tiny soaps.

    I have some "thank you's" I need to send out to some people. I think these small soaps would be perfect!


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