Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sherpa's First Snow

We woke up to snow on New Year's Day - not a lot of snow but enough to cover the ground. We goats have seen snow before - well most of us have. Matthew really hasn't but Sherpa the Farm kitten has never seen snow before!  The publicist thought it would be fun to let him out in the snow to run around for a bit.

She put him down on the ground and he wasn't quite sure what to do.

He looked around.

He looked at the publicist.

Then Stinky happened by; she didn't give Sherpa a very friendly greeting did she? 
I think she is sticking out her tongue!

 But Sherpa didn't seem to mind. He was more interested in being outside for the first time. I wonder what he sees...

I think he had fun. I wonder when the publicist is going to bring Sherpa into our pen so we can meet him up close and personal. I think that would be fun!

Tomorrow:  We got a New Year's Treat!


  1. That was a big adventure for a little Sherpa! He has a much floofier coat than I had realized.

  2. We watched Zoe in the snow for her first romp last week. I think watching a creature experience the white stuff for the first time is one of my favorite things.

    Right up their with brown paper packages.

    Happy New Year!

  3. I bet is was like being on another planet for not so little anymore Sherpa! He probably liked it since he seems like an adventure kitty to me!

  4. He's such a beautiful cat! His coloring really stands out against the snow.

    My husband saw our cat Irving lying on his back in the pasture the other day, with one of the goats sniffing his stomach. Irving didn't seem worried at all. So Sherpa and the goats will probably get along famously...

  5. Hi Pricilla,
    Just stopped in to you, your four-legged friends and human staff a Happy New Year.
    -- Chuck

  6. SHERPA! he looks gorgeous outside! lucky for him he has the powder puff tale to wrap around himself when he gets cold!

  7. Sherpa ~ Do you need some snow boots?

  8. sherpa might be the best looking cat i have ever seen! he has a fox tail.

  9. Sherpa is such a handsome boy! He looks like he really enjoyed the snow. he also seems pretty welcoming to Stinky. Especially since she seems a little hostile.

  10. Sherpa makes playing in the snow look like fun! I don't know if I'd like it though... I am awfully used to the comforts of indoor cat living.

  11. He is fluffy! Go Sherpa, Go! Hobbes likes going out in the snow too! There are TWO wacky cats now!

  12. What adorable photos! I wish we could get some snow.

  13. What a adventure for Sherpa! So pretty ah I mean handsome Sherpa is :O)...

  14. Sherpa is getting so big! He looks like he enjoys the snow! We've never been in snow since we stay inside all the time but it looks cold and wet which means brrr!

    Angel & Isabella

  15. Looks like Sherpa enjoyed it. I've never seen snow either, so I bet I'd be just like him and just kind of check it out a lot.

  16. Daisy - Sherpa seems to be in between a long haired and a short haired cat. He is indeed floofy.

    Carolyn - I think the publicist enjoyed watching Sherpa in the snow.

    Melodie - Sherpa wants to go out more now. I think there is going to be no stopping him now.

    Statch - Sometimes I am a bad goat. I have been known to butt a cat or two.

    Secondary Roads - thank you very much. I hope you are feeling better.

    Marlene - Sherpa's tail is so long. The publicist hopes he doesn't turn into 47 pounds of stripey goodness like another certain orange cat in the blogosphere.

    Marla - now THAT's an idea!

    jaz - Sherpa is a good looking boy...for a cat.

    Anne - Sherpa is always leaping on STinky when STinky is trying to sleep so I can understand Stinky being a little peevish with Sherpa.

    Sparkle - ooooh, Sherpa is an indoor cat too. The publicist just let him out for a little bit to see how he would like the snow.

    Lin - Now he wants out all the time but he is not allowed out. He is still eagle bait.

    Debbie - you can have ours!

    Texan - the publicist thinks he is a very cute little guy.

    BeadedTail - it will probably be the last time Sherpa goes out unless the publicist brings him out to meet us.

    Cute - firsts are always exciting!

  17. He is much bigger and much darker, isn't he?! Glad he enjoyed his first taste of The Great Outdoors.


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