Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pine for the New Year

We must have been very good goats because we got an extra special treat on New Year's Day - the publicist brought us some pine branches. 
Yum, yum, yum!

First she brought them to my studmuffin, Luke. 

He really likes munching on pine. I don't blame him - pine is d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s!

He even tried to toss it around a bit but he didn't want to let go of it. Smart buck.

I think it would be nice to have pine every day. But then I think my milk might start to taste well, piney!
 On Monday you will see how much we does enjoyed our pine treat.

Tomorrow:  Goatucation - well, Chickucation: The Rhode Island Red


  1. i could feed a lot of you for weeks with all the pine i have right now! it is sooooo cold here. 7 degrees with a minus 9 wind chill.

  2. I get bags and bags of pine needle for free from the state prison I use it for bedding for the goats and the pigs and in my outside dog houses. The goats nibble on some when it is fresh then they lose interest when it gets older. I love hearing about your goaty adventures!

  3. Pine should be the date night dinner.A special meal and piney fresh breath as a bonus!

  4. Treats are soooo fun. Chocolate, candy, pine? I never knew they liked pine to eat. Happy pine chewing.

  5. Mmmm. I bet pine is delicious. Well, it smells good, anyway. I've never actually tried tasting it. I'll just take your word for it.

  6. It's so nice to have a treat now and then!

  7. Would your milk really start to taste piney? Does what you eat affect it? I don't think the publicist would like PINE caramel!

  8. Piney milk huh? Do you get barky milk or corny milk too? We never thought of something you eat flavoring your milk.

  9. jaz - if we could we would be there. We love pine!

    Lauraslife - ooooh, I love a crunchy,dried up pine needle.

    Melodie - I think you are on to something.

    Ann - I am not much for this chocolate stuff but I have seen the publicist stuffing it in her face.

    JD - that just means more for me so I am happy.

    blueviolet - I am all about the treat.

    Cute - I know I am not supposed to eat the horseradish plants because the last time I did that my milk was spicy and the male person didn't like it.

    BeadedTail - just like with human mothers who eat garlic....

  10. He sure looks like he is enjoying that pine! As soon as it gets warm enough to thaw the pond I will let the goats up in the big pasture where they can eat on the cedar trees. (The pond is in the big pasture and I worry about them falling through ice when it is frozen)


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