Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mallory Gets Frisky

The weather had been quite rainy and we had to spend some time in the barn. We don't like spending time in the barn. We can't run around. We can't stretch our legs. So when we get out after a day in the barn we can be a bit, erm frisky.

Mallory was especially frisky on Sunday.  She chased me right up onto a spool!

I let her know that this was not appropriate though. I put my head down to her! Harumph!

 She then had Matthew try and butt me off of the spool! The nerve!

I held my own though and the spool was mine in the end.

She should know by now that Pricilla reigns supreme!

 Tomorrow: Wordless Wednesday



  1. living in the city, i find that people act pretty much the same way when they get a nice day....the noise...ugh!

  2. btw...one of the blogs i read has a serious goat question and maybe you can help her out. plus it is a cute blog!


    she needs some goatucation!

  3. The nerve of her. Doesn't she recognize your delicate condition? You show those goats who's the boss.

  4. Doesn't look like you have much snow left... ours has turned to ice!

    I presume the goats prefer dead grass to play on over snow anyway?

  5. Pricilla,

    You handled the situation with all the grace an dignity that one would expect from a queen!

  6. ahhhh its good to be queen :O)

  7. Loving your blog! Love, love, love. (I just became a follower too!)

    Off to read more about goats....


  8. LOL I can't help it...I think they are too cute!!

  9. Playing "king of the hill" like a bunch of stir-crazy kids on the playground at school! :)

  10. Where did all your snow go?

    I just got the soap and Monkey Farts is awesome! Thank you so much.

  11. Way to go Pricilla! I know how you feel. After the cold spell down here I was ready to jump on a spool or two when it warmed back up!

    Have a great day.

  12. You showed both Mallory and Matthew who's reigns supreme on your farm! Good job Pricilla!

  13. Pricilla IS queen. And thanks for the goat dance, whoo hoo!!!


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