Monday, January 18, 2010

Goatucation: The Four Kinds of Goats

I thought you all would like to learn about the four different kind of goats. Yes, believe it or not there are other types of goats other than dairy goats like me. Of course I think that dairy goats are best but I suppose I am just a little bit prejudiced. 

Therefore, the first kind of goat is the dairy goat and you already know quite a bit about me! And, well Abby. And Mallory. We are nice goats that give milk. And like to bask in the sun.

The second kind of goat is a fiber goat. These breeds are bred for their wool. They are Angora, Cashmere, Nigora and Pygora.


That cute goat is an angora goat. Not as cute as me of course! These goats' hair can be spun into wool for knitting and crocheting.

Then there are our wild cousins, the Mountain Goats. The publicist and male person saw lots of Mountain Goats when they went to Glacier National Park.

The publicist really likes Mountain Goats! But they are not pets like me and Abby and the rest of the Happy Goats.

And lastly there are meat goats! Oh, the horror! People actually eat us! The goats usually bred for eating are Boer goats.

I hope you liked learning about the other kinds of goats out there. Just don't invite me to a barbeque....

Tomorrow: Mallory Gets Frisky


  1. I am dreaming about getting some of those fiber goats one day!

  2. oh no....boer goats. my future inlaws raise them. something must be done!

  3. The fiber goats are so cute! I wonder if they require more care? Our goats are meat goats, but they're pets. I worry sometimes, though, about someone stealing them for meat...

  4. These folks look really cute. I need to perfect the art of studying goats. Amazing pics there.
    You are officially not invited to a barbeque.... lol
    Anyways, have a great day...:)

  5. You are definitely the cutest goat, but I think the fiber goat is charming, too!

  6. I did not know about goat meat. Ick!

  7. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed all of the cute goat photos!

  8. Thanks for the edumacation. I think what you meant at the end was there are "NEAT" goats. You know, the kind who dress well and have a filing system for all their paperwork and always clean up after themselves. Yes, you meant NEAT. I'm sure of it.

  9. You are definitely the most beautiful of goats and the most useful to have around. If I invite you to a BBQ, we can serve Boca Burgers. You might enjoy those.

  10. All of them, even the mountain goats, are really cute. Why did I think cashmere was from a rabbit?

  11. Oh, I would like one of those fiber goats!! But I like you guys the BEST! ;)

  12. Well, I commend your bravery for even being able to talk about meat goats. ANd as usual, thank you for edumacating me!

  13. Mmmmmm...cashmere. I thought cashmere and angora were from rabbits?

    Very educational.

  14. I really did learn something today! I love the Boer goats, they look so gentle. but I always thought they were dairy goats! Thanks for the correction!

  15. We had no idea there were meat goats. We'll never eat one! That's for the goatucation today!

  16. Melodie - the publicist was getting all coo coo over the fiber goat pictures so I had to butt her and remind her that she had a dairy goat farm.

    jaz - :0

    Statch - oooooh! That would be awful! I am sure your duck armada will protect them.

    Daisy - thank you very much! The publicist was liking the fiber goat too! Hmmm. Maybe I need to grow long hair.

    blueviolet - actually as much as I don't like to admit it in some cultures goat meat is a staple.

    Aunt Vicki - I am glad you liked my post today. I can share the spotlight unlike some other goats on this Farm.

    Kathy - you are RIGHT! How could I have messed that up. I must have been tired....or my hoof slipped on the keyboard. That's it! My hoof slipped!

    Anne - I would like a Boca Burger I think as I am a vegetarian goat. Not like those disgusting mouse eating chickens.

    Jen - the finest cashmere comes from the belly hair of Cashmere goats which are found in the Himalayan mountains. There are rabbits that produce agora and other fibers for spinning.

    Lin - I think I am going to have to butt you too! You are sounding like the publicist!

    Nanny Goats - I am committed to goatucating no matter how difficult the topic.

    Frogs - rabbits also produce spinnable fibers. But if you read my response to Jen the finest cashmere comes from a goat. Go goats!

    Marlene - I am glad I could teach you something. That's what I hope for here.

    BeadedTail - Thank your for abstaining from eating me, erm goats.

  17. I think the Boer goat is too cute to eat!

  18. I don't eat we are cool! The angora one is adorable! I had no idea about the different kinds of goats...


  19. It's so sad that people actually eat goats. They are my favorite animal.

  20. Goat meat is the most eaten meat in the world! The meat is more lean than beef and much tastier. I dont raise meat goats,but I have eaten chevon.
    I do raise fibre goats, they have beautiful mohair. They are very sweet animals, but I would never eat them. but somewhere in the world, people think it is awful to think that we eat cows!


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