Friday, January 8, 2010

AbbyDay - My Day in the Snow

It's AbbyDay! The best day of the week. I am sure you all agree with me on that!
I see that Pricilla is "celebrating" her blogoversary with two giveaways. Pfffftttttt! She thinks she is so special just because she has been writing this blog for a year. And hey! She can't claim that anyway - some of those posts are mine. So there! Pffffftttt again!

What about me? I have been contributing for.... a while now. Don't I get a blogoversary?

Well, on to my post for today.  Before we got into this whole "celebration" thing we had a snow day. Unlike Pricilla I don't mind the snow all that much. In fact when I go out in the snow I go to my favorite little mound in the yard and I move the snow away to get to the dirt. I love to eat dirt.

See the dirt on my nose? 
Dirt is full of minerals just like our, well, minerals.

I enjoyed pine on New Year's Day too. Here I am warning Mallory off of my pine. She is a pine snitch!

I hope you enjoyed today's AbbyDay. Hopefully tomorrow we will have the publicist's first attempt at my starring role in a MOVIE. But I have learned that the movie camera cannot come out if it is below 32* so it might have to wait. We will see.


  1. It just builds the suspense of your big movie debut us knowing it is coming but not knowing when! We will be waiting in excited anticipation !

    Our goaties have a spot in the goat yard they all love to eat too! In fact they have made themselves a hole there!

  2. They say the fun is in the wanting :O) ...have fun waiting/wanting your movie debut.

    Tell the publicist Thanks for me, the hot water was great. Our goaties loved it too and drank up :O).

  3. You're a little spitfire Abby! Love you!! Can't wait for the movies ........of course you'll be a star!

  4. Oh a movie sounds fun! I don't understand this dirt nonsense though!

  5. Really?! Dirt??! Is there nothing goats don't eat??

  6. Dirt?? Isn't that...dirty?? I never pegged you as a dirty goat before.

    Reading posts like this makes me want a goat. But I live in a townhouse. I do have lots of dirt. Think the Publicist would be interested in trading a goat for a childebeast? I could give her a 3-for-1 deal.

  7. so abby, i guess you would like mud pies? i can't wait for the movies!

  8. I love Abby day, you always crack me up! Looking good as usually Abby! Can't wait for the movie.

  9. With all the goodies you get you still eat dirt?

  10. Melodie - that tells me you have very smart goaties.

    Carolyn - I could kiss you to show you how piney my breath is....

    Texan - the publicist is glad she could help your goaties.

    Laurie - of course I am a star. Anyone could see that!

    blueviolet - you are just not a goat.

    Lin - meat

    Queen - I understand the publicist emailed you. heh heh
    Dirt is mighty tasty. At least Montana dirt.

    jaz - I will light up the screen.

    Jennifer - I am glad I can make you smile.

    SL - I think I might just lick my nose clean for the movie.

    Frogs - maybe I will be puffin'

    BeadedTail - hey! dirt is a delicacy...

    Cute - very punny

  11. Abby you are just a superior goat. With all your cold adaptations you should be so proud! Or are you just plain tougher?

  12. I am waiting with baited breath for the movie debut. You are very brave in the snow. I have to agree with Pricilla, I hate snow.


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