Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Something to Crow About

Now if any of you know why Blue Guy felt the need to jump up on the gate and crow please let me know. 
Thank you.


  1. Better acoustics up there? I've noticed that the guineas especially love to hop on a fence and scream their little lungs out. It seems like they can put more into it if they are off the ground.

  2. He seems happy to start a new day!

  3. I think he does it 'cause he just looks so darn good!

  4. Full of the joy of life and had to let it out or burst! Joy to the World from his "mountain top"!

  5. Maybe that's the same type of question as "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

    He does look pretty good up there though!

  6. That's a great shot! Visiting from SITS :)

  7. He's making sure everyone on the Farm can hear him!

  8. He is most handsome and well I guess he did that because well that is what Roosters do? :O)...

  9. i think he is ringing in the new year early! what a handsome rooster.

  10. Life is good. Well, maybe for the moment. And for him. Who knows? He sure is a good looking rooster though.

  11. Was he trying to tell you about a wild pack of wolves or bears? He looks like he's all business.

  12. Perhaps he's staying out of kicking distance to anyone who prefers to sleep past dawn. :)

  13. Jenny - I am not sure it's because it makes him taller than the publicist...hmmmm

    Daisy - Blue Guy loves to crow no matter what time it is...

    Melodie - he is a pretty boy, that's for sure!

    Barbee - thank you for visiting my blog. He is our noisiest rooster!

    Split Rock - I think he was getting ready for a sneak attack on the publicist. Harumph!

    Secondary Roads - I think you have nailed the rooster on the head!

    Cute - you want a rooster?

    Serendipity - thank you for visiting my blog. He is a photogenic monster.

    Henrietta - yes he is if only he were as nice as he is pretty.

    SL - I think you are right. He is not shy, that's for sure.

    BeadedTail - heh heh. Even the neighbors can hear him.

    Texan - when they are not sitting on goats' backs. heh heh

    jaz - could be!

    Lin - I am not going to share all of these compliments with him. It will only go to his head and he will be even harder to live with!

    Frogs - maybe the eagle...

    Surfie - thank you for visiting my blog. Now THAT's a thought!

  14. He's male. Enough said.

    Happy New Year, gang!

  15. That's pure male domination. Or rather his attempt at male domination. Give him a good kick for me.


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