Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

The shipping assistant makes sure to check each box very thoroughly - even if he can't fit inside of it.

Even going so far as to give it the bitey to make sure it is strong enough for travel.


  1. What a helper you got there!!! Every box is being examined here too these days as it is wayyyy too cold to go outside.

  2. It's nice to have an assistant that will work for scratchin' and kitty treats!

  3. Sherpa, you are a grade A box inspector!

  4. What a good worker is that Sherpa. Midnight has a favorite box where he likes to nap.

  5. Great job with the box inspection. Harley has got a huge one on my blog. Can you handle a shower door box? Have fun.

  6. No box escapes without getting bitten around these parts. It's in the cat's job description along with waking mom at 3am just for fun.

  7. Awww what a pretty kitty! Can you say that about a boy cat? OK... what a HANDSOME kitty cat. Love the pix!

  8. You just rarely see a shipping assistant so into their job, hard to find help like that! and so cute to boot!

  9. I need a shipping assistant! Pronto. Especially one that cute.

  10. Glad to know you have such a thorough packing assistant! He is sooo cute!!!

  11. you just have the best animals!!! i shower and i am still sticky. i am drowning in cookies!

  12. How can you get anything done with such a cute little shipping assistant to watch? Sherpa is adorable!

  13. Hey, I got my goat soaps today!! Thank you!! I love my goat soap...I can't wait to use them tomorrow. :)

  14. Lin - I just hope my customers don't mind a few teeth holes.

    Melodie - and a bit of nip.

    Daisy - you got that right!

    Secondary - Sherpa likes any box he sees. No matter how small.

    Barbee - thank you for visiting my blog. He is very well practiced.

    missbreezysbox - I saw that box. It was huge! I hope he doesn't get lost in there.

    Jen - I have heard that Sherpa wakes the publicist and male person at very early hours too.

    Katherine - he thinks he's a pretty boy so you sure can.

    Texan - if he could just focus...

    JennyMac - there are times when the publicist would willing ship him anywhere. ANYWHERE.

    SplitRock - I hope you think so. Sometimes ribbons have holes in them.....

    jaz - the publicist knows the feeling. she has been baking for two days too.

    BeadedTail - let's just say that sometimes the shipping assistant is less than helpful.

    Lin - yay!

  15. I think that SHERPA! is gonna be a big-un, just look at those paws!


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