Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Sweet Summer Treat

Oooh, we were lucky goats today.
All thanks to the male person. He sure is good to us! Last summer when the corn harvest was ending he saved the ears of corn that weren't big enough or were only half covered in kernels and he dried them out in the warm summer sun. Then he put them away in the basement.

Well, today the publicist decided to give them to us. It was such a nice treat on a grey, muddy day. Mmmmm, corn! It was a bit of a goat and chicken riot when the publicist brought the treat into the goat pen.

I took my ear off to the side so I could eat it all by myself. 

Well, I tried. Soon there was a crazy chicken trying to steal my corn! Harumph!

Jillian - as always - really got down to some serious munching.

Matthew and Mallory jumped up on the spools.

Abby never misses a treat! (You will see more of her corn crunching on AbbyDay)

I think Jillian looks silly in this picture, don't you? It looks like she has a corn cigar.

Of course the chickens never miss a snack. There is Blue Guy right in the middle.

 More? More?

Oh no!
No more!
That was such a good treat!

Tomorrow: Luke enjoys his corn


  1. That last picture is priceless! What a beautiful goatie face!

  2. Oh, the goats are so appreciative! I'm glad you had a treat in this cold and icky weather--it's the only thing that helps! What is the deal with those darned chickens??

  3. You are lucky goats to get some delicious corns!

  4. I wonder what other goodies the male person has stashed for the winter?

  5. AaHhh. You look so cute when you animals beg for more treats. You have to learn to saver them and not be such gluttons. Hah!-duh, your ANIMALS.

  6. What a great treat! Those chickens can be so pushy.

  7. It is so interesting to me that the chickens are not one bit afraid of the goats.

  8. Awww Pricilla! I just lurrrv you! You're the sweetest thing ever!! Am happy you got such a treat today :-)

    PS--on Goatucation have you ever talked about why some of you have horns and some of you don't? Just wondering .....

  9. It's always so fun seeing you enjoy your treats! Love the last photo of you too!

  10. Yummy! I think it's so sweet that the publicist and the male person stock up on treats for you to hand out later. What a great surprise when you get them!


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