Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Playtime for Matthew and Jillian

It has been quite chilly lately and that tends to make us goats frisky. We run around to help warm us up. The other day Jillian and Matthew were running and jumping and butting like crazy goats.

Jillian started by running and leaping on to the spool and then off. The photo is fuzzy because she was moving so fast!

Then she decided to play with Matthew. The two of them often have fun together. They started by butting heads.

Then when Matthew got distracted Jillian bit him! Blue Guy was watching so he was a witness.

Look - you can see her nibbling.

Matthew didn't like this and he cried and Mallory came running.

She got between them and gave Jillian a maaaaing to.

Then Matthew decided to go graze and all was well with the goat world.

I hope you enjoyed watching the goats play.

Tomorrow:  Wordless Wednesday - Crow to the World


  1. Mallory to the rescue!!! We get a little frisky in the cold weather, too.

  2. There is nothing more entertaining than watching goaties play!

  3. What fun entertainment! I could watch them all day.

  4. Never a dull moment at the farm!

  5. They look like they are having so much fun and as if they don't have a care in the world. What a great life it must be to be a goat.

  6. Gees, it's like my kids being home for Winter Break! Ugh!

  7. Jillian sure was acting like a kid! Good thing Mallory came to the rescue!

  8. I like how she broke things up. They sure get frisky.

  9. Mighty Mallory! She should wear an M on her chest. Matthew, however, needs to be a little braver to earn his M. ;)

  10. Daisy - does it get really cold in Florida?

    Melodie - we are entertaining critters aren't we? heh heh

    Ann - that is why we are here!

    SL - well, when we are sleeping maybe....

    Jen - I would have to agree. I like my life. I get apples. I get grain. I get Luke...

    Lin - sorry to give you agita.

    BeadedTail - Jillian can be a troublemaker, that's for sure!

    Frogs - Mallory is a good nanny.

    Cute - Matthew is still a little kid. He relies on his nanny to fix things for him.

  11. Now is that to cute, Mom to the rescue!! I love how the does are protective of their kids! They are really very good Moms aren't they :O)

    Well okay we had and had is the key word there... one that was a terrible Mom! Terrible I tell you, she was just on another planet I can't tell you how many times we had to go find her kids! She would go all day and not feed them too! Sometimes you would see her all of a sudden after a day of not taking care of them have a sudden realization OH wait I have two kids! Oh where are they??? and she would tear out of the corral just hollering like the world was on fire.. did she do better from then on...nope...she did lots of none Mommy like stuff :O(...

    But all the rest have been really good Moms...:O) ...

  12. rough play there. my daughter came back from her boyfriends after playing with 4 new born goaties and now is a dyed in the wool goat lover!


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