Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our First Snow (This Year)

The weatherman was right and he was wrong. We did get snow but we didn't get the 6 - 12" mentioned. About 2" is what covered our goat pen; just enough to hide our hay piles and make everything cold.  But the publicist is very nice and she brushes the snow off of our favorite places to sit.

We ran down from the barn and into our pen and went right to eating our hay. You can see we are over our fear of the upside down goathouse!

Matthew has even started jumping on top! I hope he doesn't fall through again. There isn't another upside down to use.

I don't like the snow so I just tucked myself in the other goathouse. I am not a dumb goat!

Mallory took up residence in the other one.

Matthew, being young, was out exploring. Silly Matthew!

Abby continued to nibble on the logs. Mmmmm, bark.

Luke was enjoying his hay.

But I think he really wanted out!

Stinky the Farm cat was checking out the garden but it was all covered in snow. Silly Stinky.

The view was certainly pretty.

It is supposed to warm up later in the week so all of the snow will melt away. But I am sure we will have more.

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  1. Your view is breath taking!Matthew sure is becoming a handsome fellow! I am glad the snow didn't get too deep for you goaties and the Publicist .

  2. You have such a nice goat lady to take care of you...brushing snow off the ground so you can sit down.

    Lucky. Lucky. Lucky goat.

  3. What a gorgeous view! It looks so peaceful. Stay out of the goathouse that Matthew jumps on. You don't want to be inside if he falls through again.

  4. Ummmm...Yummm...I bet everything tasted wonderful with the added "seasoning" of snow!

    You are right; Matthew is silly, but oh so handsome!!

    "Goat"geous view!! :)

  5. You are very smart to stay tucked inside your cozy goat house!

  6. It don't like snow. It makes everything cold and turns to water when you step on it!!!

  7. Beautiful view! and Matthew looks so striking against all the white snow!

  8. Looks like the publicist sure takes good care of you!

    You have a beautiful view to look at!

    We Texas goats would surely freeze even in 2" of snow. I can't even imagine 6-12"!!! Oh dear...

  9. if matthew goes through the roof....er....bottom again then maybe it will have to be turned on it's side and add windows! that sure is a fabulous view you lucky goats have out there. i want snow!!!!!

  10. Your quite a talented goat. Enjoy that snow. Can goats make snow angels?

  11. You certainly do have a pretty view! Glad you didn't get as much snow as they predicted but you are such a smart goat for staying tucked in your goathouse to eat!

  12. Wow, that looks beautiful! Although being an indoor-only cat, I might not like the reality of it! And I doubt hiding in your goat houses would be a good idea - you might mistake my floofy tail for hay!

    P.S. My human loves goats and thinks you guys are adorable!

  13. It is sooo lovely there! You are some lucky goats to have such beautiful scenery! And nice goat houses too. :)

  14. What beautiful country you're in! I was worried about Matthew crashing through the other side too. He's such a rambunctious little fella!

  15. Since cats don't like water, do they walk funny in the snow, or does it not even faze them?

    Goats and snow!!!! Yippee!


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