Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On The Hunt for Bark

Ooooh, we were lucky goats! The publicist let us run around a bit before we went into our pen the other day and we all went running to munch on the bark of the trees. I hope Julia doesn't get too mad at us but the bark just tastes so good it's hard for us to resist.

Jillian must have REALLY been hungry because it looks like she is trying to climb the tree, doesn't it?

She was munching away. Mmmmm, bark.

Abigail chose another tree; this way she could have both bark AND pine needles. Now that is smart tree picking if you ask me.

She dove right in for tasty nibble. I was jealous, I will tell you that.

After we had our fill of trees we were trying to decide where to go next. I had my idea and Jillian had hers. We disagreed!

Who do you think won?

You will have to wait until Thursday to find out!

Tomorrow:  Wordless Wednesday


  1. Just make sure you aren't barking up the wrong tree!

  2. I'm not a goat but I think bark would taste pretty much like dirt (although I can see where the crunch might be nice). Is bark kind of like eucalyptus? Is there something in it that makes you feel better? I'm betting you won because Jillian was getting a little chilled out by then from such aggressive indulging.

  3. Well it looks like a yummy good day was has by all!I am betting you win Pricilla,you are the boss goatie after all!

  4. Even with some chocolate sauce, I dont think I could get down with a bark snacks. LOL.

  5. you all sure would like being at my house right now!

  6. What DON'T goats love to eat??? :)

  7. What a tree-t! ;)

    I don't know... for some reason I'm kind of betting on Jillian...

  8. I think you are competing with the bucks (deer that is!)

  9. Does the bark grow back so you have a continuous supply of snacks?

  10. Every time I stop by for a visit, I miss having goats on our farm. I think I need to rectify that soon.

  11. Daisy - Daisy, Daisy, Daisy. What can I say?

    Margo - the publicist says it is probably equivalent to burned bagel chips or mini wheats or something like that.

    Melodie - you will see!

    JennyMac - we goats aren't chocolate eaters like you humans but I understand you will eat almost anything that is covered in chocolate. Now give me apples and I will follow you anywhere.

    jaz - I have seen all those trees! mmmmmmm!

    Lin - meat!

    Cute - you will have to come back on Thursday! heh heh and very punny by the way.

    Sharkbytes - the deer tend to stay down by the river although we sometimes see our cousins for a reunion.

    BeadedTail - no. we are bad goats. it hurts the trees. baaaaad goats.

    Marla - everyone should have a goat. Want Abby?


Maaaaaa away....


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