Saturday, December 5, 2009

An Ode to the Love of My Life

There he stands in the cold of the morning. 
Just waiting at the barn door.

Then he runs down to his pen, little tail waggin'.
The perfect buck goat for sure!

He stops by the doe pen to see what we are doing.
I have warned off the girls, He is all mine now hear it.

So he goes to his pen to spend his day alone.
Don't worry my love, I am with you in spirit.

He checks out his hay, is he ready to munch?
Could there be somthing better, something with crunch?

Of course! He forgot! He runs to his grain. 
He eats it all up. Off to the hay - he's in the zone.

I love my little Luke I wish I could be with him.
But soon I will have a kid of his all of my own. (Keep your hooves crossed)

(Isn't he just the handsomest?!)

I hope you liked my little poem today. I have been thinking about my studmuffin and just had to share.

Tomorrow: I FINALLY tell you where Mallory and Luke were after Jillian and I ended our battle over where to go. (The publicist messed up my schedule again. Bad publicist)


  1. I never knew goats were poets!It was a wonderful poem,and well ,you do have handsome inspiration!

  2. You can add poetry to the list of your many talents! Such a sweet ode to your lover boy.

  3. A goat poet! Who knew?! That was a beautiful ode to Luke. I just hope he didn't do anything baaaaaad with Mallory!

  4. Thanks for this-I like seeing what the goats are doing.

  5. Wonder if Luke has a clue what a lucky goat he is?

  6. Somebody luuuuuuurves herself some Luke!

  7. How old is he? He looks like what I envision when I read about majestic goats. LOL--not that I do a lot of goat reading but if I did...

  8. Melodie - I am a multi-talented goat.

    Aunt Vicki - with a buck like Luke it is easy to be inspired.

    Cute - no worries. No worries. It's Abby I'm worried about. That Abby!

    missbreezybox - thank you. But I suspect I shouldn't quit my day job. heh heh

    Daisy - isn't he? I just love him!

    Esme - it was my pleasure.

    BeadedTail - Luke knows - he is a little full of himself.

    blueviolet - oh yeah!

    Frogs - my Luke is a young studmuffin. He is two. I am twelve. I guess we are May/December huh?

  9. oh yes your Luke is great!

    I have a Harrison here where I live!

    Gotta love these goat boys!!


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