Sunday, December 20, 2009

Luke Enjoys His Corn

As you read yesterday we were treated to some of the dried corn the male person had put aside for us. But it wasn't only us does that got to eat the yummy treat - my little studmuffin Luke was given some corn too.

As you can also see he had to contend with thieving chickens just like we did. If Luke put his head down to me like this I would run away.

But as soon as Luke was distracted that chicken stole some of his corn! Can you imagine?!

  It's a good think eating corn put Luke in a good mood. He really likes these little treats.
Doesn't he look like one happy goat here? Hi my love!

 He is one handsome corn eating buck!

I wonder what the publicist will bring out of the basement next.....

Tomorrow: Goatucation which for this week with be Chickucation.


  1. I love chickens but they are sneaky little critters! They get in our goat pen too and try to eat all the goaties food,sometimes they get a good buttin' which they deserve because they get plenty of their own food!

  2. he does look kind of wooly and wonderful. but i bet he doesn't smell so good...

    i am sticking to my no buck position, no matter how many cute buck photos I see.

  3. Ok, that is the cutest goat!!!!

  4. Hooray! I'm glad Luke got to have some delicious corns, too!

  5. luke looks so content nomming away on his corn!

  6. Yep your stud muffin looks very happy eating his corn!

  7. Luke does look happy eating his corn and he has the holiday spirit by sharing with that pesky chicken too!

  8. He really did look happy in that picture! How cute.

    Who knew that just a little corn could make a goat so happy!

  9. Melodie - those chickens will eat ANYTHING.

    Carolyn - to me he smells like heaven. To the publicist he stinks but she doesn't mind too much.

    BOWquet - thank you for visiting my blog. I think he is very cute too!

    Daisy - The publicist wouldn't leave Luke out of the treat bandwagon!

    jaz - Luke loves to nom!

    Texan - if you ask me he looks good ALL the time.

    BeadedTail - my Luke is a very generous guy.

    Frogs - he IS my studmuffin!

    Cute - corn is grain. We love grain!

  10. Our chickens can smell corn from a MILE away it seems! It is so nice that Luke will share.


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