Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's TOO Cold!

Brrrrr! It has just been too cold around these parts if you ask me. It has been below zero for the last three days and it is supposed to continue for at least one more day. Plus we had snow today.

I have said it before - I AM AN AFRICAN GOAT. I LIKE IT WARM.

I can handle some cold but this is ridiculous. Our water bucket freezes halfway through the day and the publicist has to replace it. You don't want to know what she has to say about this weather.

Her fingers aren't coming out of her gloves so we have no new photos. I figured I would just share an oldie but a goodie. I hope you forgive me....


As you can see it is my disgusted face from this summer. I think it is appropriate now too.

To help make up for it I am going to offer all of my blog readers a special 15% discount on my rich soaps. Just in time for Christmas shopping. Just mention "blog" in the notes to seller.

Be sure to stop by the publicist's blog to enter to win yummy Dog Treats from The Lucky Dog Treat Co. The giveaway ends tonight. Marlene is a great visitor here!

Tomorrow: It's AbbyDay


  1. I like the cold weather but where your at sounds too cold for even me! I am enter in the dog treat giveaway so please cross your lucky hooves for me!

  2. I know it's cold and I wish it was warmer for you! Maybe you could wear a cute little goat coat! :)

  3. My goat Isis was shivering on the stand when I milked her this morning and it was only 32. I don't know if she'd do so great in Montana.

    She's a warm weather goat too.

    I hope your publicist is keeping warm and toasty with her orange cat-heater.

  4. We get it lucky her it is only 35* not -15*. Stay Warm!!!!!!!

  5. I have seen people put little "coats" on lambs before, do you ever have to put them on the goats? I would love to see that, lol

  6. brrrr is right what is with this cold weather and I am in Texas and not the part of Texas that usually gets this below freezing stuff! We have all grown very furry coats which lady rancher finds funny.

    The chickens water is what keeps freezing here, lady rancher was using some rather colorful words this morning breaking the ice out if it, so she could refill it. We did this yesterday too!

    On the photo I say use it over and over I do mine :O) perfection is perfection ya know...

  7. You are not kidding about it being cold! FREEZING!

  8. Well, I'm sure you don't to hear it, but I'm about to complain about it being too warm!

    It is 86 degrees here in South Florida right now, and I wish it was cooler! It's hard to get in the Christmas spirit when it's still summer out! Maybe I can send you over 20 or 30 degrees?

  9. It's cold here too, but not THAT cold as you! Keep warm, goat friends!

  10. Its too cold here, too. Let's all go vacation someplace WARM!

  11. It's been cold in CA too. But not as cold as MONTANA!! You'd better put in your notice to the publicist for job relocation. Maybe she'll ship you to Florida.

  12. Thank you for stopping by today it was nice to meet you. Off to look at your Etsy, have a wonderful holiday season :)

  13. I've been very impressed with my Nigerian Dwarf boys, Pete and Reggie during our cold snap. Our coldest so far has been 8 degrees (super brrrrr for Oregon) but they've developed very thick and fuzzy coats and seem quite toasty in their little goathouse.
    Love the picture of Pricilla in the sun... looking forward to sunny (warm) days again!

  14. Melodie - it is colder than usual for here too. Canada sent the cold air. They can have it back.

    A.Marie - we had a goat coat for the kids but nothing for us big goats. We are just growing thick fur.

    Carolyn - poor Isis. She definitely would not like it here.

    Da Bean - I think I would be happy to see 35* about now.

    Marlene - they do make goat coats but the male person thinks they are a waste of money. Harumph!

    Texan - our chicken water froze too in spite of there being a heat lamp in their little chicken house.

    blueviolet - you got that right!

    Cute - you are ceasing to be cute.
    heh heh

    Lin - but I think you have more snow than we it's a trade off

    Split Rock - hop on a llama and come on up and we can go together.

    Julia - that sounds good to me. And to the publicist.

    Mommyof2 - thanks for stopping by. You make some beautiful clothes. Have you considered goat coats? heh heh

    farmgirl - wait until shaggy time when all of that coat goes flying off. Your wild birds will be happy.


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