Monday, December 7, 2009

Goatucation: Waxing Cheese

In the last several Goatucation posts you have seen how the publicist makes different kinds of cheese from my rich milk. When she makes a hard cheese like cheddar or parmesean the cheese has to be waxed before it is stored away to cure. This is how the publicist waxes her cheeses.

First she melts her wax in a glass baking dish in the oven. It takes a while. She is usually bored waiting for it to melt so she does something else like read blogs or feed goats. Mmmm, feeding goats - THAT'S a very good idea if you ask me.

Once the wax is melted she takes her dried cheese; well, not dried cheese but her cheese that has sat out and dried a bit. Cheddar and Colby have to sit out for a day or two, parmesean has to sit out for two weeks. Monteray Jack goes in a brine solution first, then it sits out to dry.  This is what a cheddar looks like before she waxes it.

 Then she rolls it in the hot wax to get the sides coated.

She picks it up and paints the wax on the bottom and then she turns it over and paints the other side.

(Yes, the wax is hot. Yes, the wax burns)

Many thin coats are better than one or two thick coats. She puts on about 8 coats of wax.
This is what the finished cheese looks like.

 Then she uses a toothpick to write the kind of cheese and the date on top.

And it goes into her refrigerator. Right now since she is waiting so patiently to get into her yurt she is using her house refrigerator to store her cheeses.

(That's a lot of cheese!)

When she does get in the house she won't be able to do that so she is hoping to get a wine cooler to store them. It is supposed to work very well.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing how the publicist waxes her cheese. As you can see there was no hair on any of the cheese!

Tomorrow: Brrrrr!


  1. i love this whole cheese making process. do you buy supplies on the internet? a yurt? i have always wanted a yurt. when do you move in and will you show picks?

  2. It looks pretty with the wax painted on!

  3. Very nice looking cheese!! You have so much knowledge on making goat milk cheese! Just amazing!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Now I am going to go google yurt and see what this is :O).

  4. Cool! You're the first soap-making, cheese-making, goat-lady I've come across in blogland!!!

    Over from SITS!

    Am impressed, will be back, stay warm!!!!!!

  5. Your publicist knows how to do so many cool and fascinating things!I am glad you share them with us!

  6. I've only waxed one cheese so far. YOu make it look much more fun. I used the always-melted type wax. Which skips the melting. Then it dries hard. Kind of cool, but takes longer to harden I think.

    I think I want Santa to bring me a cheese press for Christmas. The whole rocks and bucket method I used was less than desirable.

  7. Oh, I would offer to "watch" some of those cheeses for you if I lived closer. :) YUM!

  8. Ok, never knew about the whole waxing part, which is pretty cool. But listen up goats, the publicist has told me some very disturbing information about you. Could you all please wait until after she milks you in order to "cut the cheese"!

    (you're welcome)

  9. I love that you showed this. It's incredibly interesting!

  10. Wow all of that cheese looks YUMMY!!

  11. The cheese making process is always so interesting. Do you keep the cheese for yourself or sell it somewhere?

  12. Mmmm... I'm hungry.

    That fridge full of cheese looks scrumptious!

  13. What an interesting post. Fascinating indeed. 'Feeding the goats' part is the most valuable one of the routine actually if you ask me ;)

    Hope all has been well. Have a good week!

  14. jaz - the publicist gets her supplies - other than milk - from Hoegger's goat supply. She will sho lots of photos on her blog.

    Daisy - the publicist thanks you.

    Texan - the publicist did a lot of reading and made a lot of mistakes to get here.

    Laurie - thank you for visiting my blog. It makes me a happy goat to have new visitors.

    Cute - it's good to have a supply!

    Ailurophile - without us goats there is no milk so feeding us is, indeed vital!
    Melodie - now the publicist needs something called "spare time"

    Carolyn - the publicist is confused by the rocks and bucket method. Should she call you "Wilma"

    Lin - but can you be trusted to just WATCH the cheese. Hmmmm?

    Pooba - Harumph!

    blueviolet - we aim to goatucate!

    SL - I don't eat the cheese but the publicist and male person really like it.

    BeadedTail - the publicist and male person keep it for themselves and give it as gifts.

  15. Your cheese looks so beautiful and delicious. I think the spring may be bringing some goatees to Hansen Farm. :-)

  16. That's an impressive cheese stash! Makes my little ball of mozzarella look pretty puny.


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