Monday, December 28, 2009

Goatucation: Goat's Milk Caramel Sauce (Spiced)

This week I am letting the publicist tell you how she makes caramel sauce with my rich milk. She has been making lots of caramel sauce. LOTS of caramel sauce. This time she made spiced caramel sauce. She has also made orange caramel sauce. Like I said she has made lots of sauce.

She starts with 3 quarts of my rich milk in a large pot


Then she puts cinnamon sticks and cloves in cheesecloth

and ties it up.

She uses fresh grated nutmeg

And two vanilla beans; split and scraped.

Once all of that is in the pot - with a pinch of salt - doesn't it look yummy?

she brings the mixture just to a boil.

She turns off the the heat and then she adds sugar(3 cups)until it is dissolved  and baking soda.

 It foams. 
A lot.

After she stirs down the foam she puts the pot back on the burner until it comes to a simmer and lets it simmer for HOURS. Until it gets thick and turns a beautiful well, caramel color.

When it gets thick enough she pours it into jars. It can keep in the refrigerator for up to three months. She laughs hysterically at this because so far it has not lasted a week.

I hope you enjoyed this goatucation.

Tomorrow: Playtime


  1. Wow,that looks so good!The publicist is a smart woman! She has all that yummy milk and doesn't want to waste any and what better what to prevent waste than to make sweets!

  2. I'll be right over with a spoon and a dish of ice cream!! OH MY GOODNESS....That Looks Incredibly YUMMY! :)

  3. I can't even tell you how delicious that looks!

  4. I do hope I get enough goat's milk this year to try this!!

  5. Now that looks yummy! How much baking soda does she use? And when you say hours...? I need to make some of this!

  6. oh WOW!!!!i've never made caramel sauce this way but i am going to try it. how much baking soda? teddy is at the university right now and i am doing nervous cooking to keep myself occupied until i hear anything. fingers crossed! about how many hours does the caramel sauce take/

  7. Um, do you need a caramel sauce Tester??? :) That looks fabulous!

  8. That looks awesome!! Do you think that I could make it with evaporated goats milk?

  9. That looks so good! It was fun seeing the process too!

  10. ok first all that yummy looking cheese... now caramel sauce...oh my I need a pail.. the goats I have!! :O)... I am thinking milking is getting moved up on my list of have to start doing all this!

    ok let me ask you this, I had goat cheese once that was excellent! It reminded me of Feta cheese in a lot of ways... years later I bought some (several brands) at the grocery store...they had the worst after dirty socks...

    Is this due to the way it was made? I really liked the first goat cheese I tasted.

    Your stuff all looks mouth watering good.

  11. you have all overlooked that when its all done in the jars, it is the same color as SHERPA!

  12. How cool! I'm glad you shared that - I'm hoping your next post includes directions to dinner. lol xx

  13. Mmmm... That looks delicious! I don't think it would even make it that long around here!

  14. That looks sooooo good! Any chance of the publicist selling that along with her soap?

  15. Oh, yum YUM YUM!! That was a very yummy goatucation!


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