Friday, December 4, 2009

AbbyDay - It's Not MY Fault!

It's AbbyDay, you know that's MY favorite day of the week! If it were up to me I would be showing you gorgeous photos of how I look going through my day. The winter sun just lights up my fur and I am S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G.  As I was working this out the publicist said I had to re work my plans for today's blog.

I was an indignant goat! I asked her why?

She just told me "because I said so" and then went off mumbling things about "traipsing around after prima donna goats in below zero weather to take pictures" and then there were words that I can't print in a family blog.

Pfffffffftt to that! This is MY day I should be able to do what I want but without a photographer I am stuck. I don't think it is THAT cold....stupid publicist. I will have to butt her tomorrow and show her who is REALLY boss around here.

So I thought I would reminisce about my kid Harry. I do still think of him and I know all of my fans loved him so we can all enjoy some "oldies but goodies" of little Harry the CowGoat.

He was the cutest little goat kid in the pen - if I do say so myself!

He liked to play with his step-brother Kevin.

He loved to eat - I taught him that! Eating is important to a goat.

And most importantly, he could fly. Well, sort of. Heh heh.

I hope you enjoyed reminiscing with me. Maybe next week the publicist will be erm, warmer and more cooperative.

Tomorrow: All Luke!


  1. awww, dont be indignant, it is below your dahhhhhling!

  2. Harry is a cutie pie!You definitely have Nannie bragging rights on that kid!
    Don't be too hard on the publicist,she doesn't have a beautiful,luxurious, shiny,warm coat like you do Abby!

  3. you are one sassy goat today Abby! we love you best when you're sassy -- that's what Abby Day is all about!

  4. I do love the photos of Harry, especially of him "flying." But I'm sorry you didn't get your own photos in today's post. Maybe it will be warmer on the next AbbyDay.

  5. The nerve of the publicist, not wanting to go out in the freezing cold to take your photo.

  6. Awww, now I'm missing all of the kids. :(

  7. Harry was a cutie for sure... Sad that the kids are all gone :(

  8. oh my someone got up on the wrong side of the hay bed this morning...

    Better be nice to the publicist, she holds the strings to the food bag and the fresh hay for those nice dry clean beds!! lol :O)....

    I don't blame you for missing your Harry sometimes, he is awesome for sure :O)...

  9. Awwwww...Harry. I hope he's happy wherever he is!

  10. Abby, I went to a live nativity thing last night at my church and they had goats. I was petting a black one that looked like you and she butted me! I thought it must be your long-lost twin!

  11. It was fun seeing Harry again. Thanks for sharing his photos Abby!

  12. Aw, Harry. I did love that little goat. Thanks for the flashback pictures!

  13. Marlene - It is MY day. I should be able to do what I want. Pfffttt!

    Melodie - she can put on another coat. I only get ONE day. Sheesh!

    Aunt Vicki - I am glad someone understands around here. Maybe I will move to be with you.

    JD - It had better. I am the star of AbbyDay not my kid no matter how cute he is.

    Anne - thank you. I'll bet YOU would take my pictures no matter the temperature, wouldn't you?

    Lin - there is still that pest Matthew around.

    SL - you want Matthew? I'll send him to ya.

    Texan - I don't worry...I have the male person wrapped around my little hoof.

    blueviolet - I miss him too but I will have a new kid in the spring.

    Heather Cherry - heh heh. It's a black goat thing I think. I butt people all the time. It's fun. heh heh

    BeadedTail - you are welcome, I guess.

    Cute - just don't expect too much of it. Next week it is all me!

  14. OMG!!! He is airborne! Amazing photo of that Kevin as baby goat! Do you ever get to see these babies after they are full grown?


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