Sunday, December 27, 2009

AbbyDay Delayed But Still Good!

Hi there! It's Abby! I wasn't going to give up my day on the blog just because it was Christmas. I knew all of you would not be able to make it through the week without my blog post!

I hope you all had a nice weekend. I know I did. I found out from the publicist that I am going to be a movie star. IT'S ABOUT TIME.


Look at this face

It was MADE for the movies! Don't you think? But now she is giving me lame excuses about not having some kind of "memory card" for the camera. What is the deal? It is my big break! Pfffffttttt! I will be able to blow this Farm.

Oh well. There is not much I can do until I get to star in the film so for now I will leave you with still photos - how passe - of me eating my Christmas treat of corn stalks.

Go away now! I don't do stills any longer.
I am destined for bigger and better things.
Moving things!


Tomorrow:  Goatucation -  Goat's Milk Caramel


  1. i am buying my ticket in advance. i can't wait for this movie.

  2. What kind of movie are you planning, action ,comedy, drama? Hmm...I bet it will have some of everything!

  3. This will definitely be exciting! Abby - do you think you'll let the other goats be in your movies? What about the chickens?

  4. How long for the memory card?? Do you want me to look here to see if my camera store has it??

  5. i actually bought my vanilla beans somewhere on line. oh boy...teddy is sick again. i don't get this. we took her off the antibiotics after over two months of them. she threw up yesterday and we just took her temp and it was almost 106 degrees. paul is on his way to the emergency room with her now. she still has not tested positive for lyme so we are not sure what is wrong with her. we are going to have to take her to the university to see the experts. i feel so bad for her. she was walking around with her tail down all are right, cutting the biscuits and twisting pinches the layers together and they don't rise.

  6. Your movie will be worth waiting for but we hope we don't have to wait long!

  7. I'll be the first in line to get my ticket! You are Goat-geous! :)

  8. You definitely look like you are ready for your close-up. I hope you don't turn into too much of a goat-diva.

    I can't wait for Abby! The Movie!

  9. We are very excited to see your movie! Your stills are stunning, your movie will be fabulous!
    ~ Bob and Patrick

  10. I see your publicist is excited to try out her new camera. So much fun.

  11. jaz - I will give you special seating! I hope Teddy is feeling better.

    Melodie - I think a love triangle where I steal Luke from Pricilla.

    Aunt Vicki - maybe is small (very small) supporting roles.

    Lin - the male person has apparently already paid for it and it is supposed to ship tomorrow.

    BeadedTail - me either. I am a star waiting for a movie!

    A.Marie - I am glad someone appreciates me.

    JD - turn into a Diva?! I am a DIVA! Pfffttt!

    Bob and Patrick - I am glad I have fans already. Thank you.

    Marla - anytime. Anytime!

    SL - I will send you an invitation to the premiere.

    Carolyn - she is very excited indeed.

    Cute - yo are not the only one!


Maaaaaa away....


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