Sunday, November 22, 2009

We Get to Graze?!

I thought I heard the publicist say that we were going to go out for a graze. This would be exciting news in the winter. We very rarely get to go out of our pen after the summer is over. Oooh, could it be true?

Mallory was very excited at the idea.

At last! Freedom!
Abby went to her favorite spot over by the publicist's new house and started to munch.

Little Matthew decided it might be wise to watch her and see what he could learn. Not to mention find what he could munch.

Jillian and Mallory were just chasing each other around.

Then Jillian just went running and running. She had a good time!

Mallory decided to then chase Abby! She even took a bit of a munch on Abby's head!

I was a good goat and just munched the little bits of green grass and weeds I could find. Mmmm, they taste so good!

Soon it will be nothing but snow on the ground. It was nice to get a little bit of a taste of Spring.

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Tomorrow: Goatucation - The Cheesemaking Continues: Ricotta


  1. So you didn't get snow yesterday.. Alberta did... we actually have a few flowers still blooming in the garden... but then I don't have goats eating my garden ... just deer!

  2. Yum! I'm glad they got a graze. My goaties are home from the love shack and I am counting down to babies.

  3. Happy grazing my goatie friends!

  4. We still have grass here,but we don't have as much room as you do.

  5. Wow!Looks like you goaties had a good time!It is nice to get out and eat up all that grass before it snows,I mean why waste it when you all are there to put it to good use!

  6. Do not worry about re-posting-I have some of these awards for a almost two months. It was cleanup and get this done last night.

  7. what a treat for the whole gang! we are having unbelievably warm weather. very strange for november.

  8. Everyone looks so happy to be out grazing! I love to graze too, but I can do it in my kitchen. It's not much of an adventure, but I do enjoy it.

  9. What a special treat to go grazing! Glad you all had a good time! :)

    Do goats not like the cold?

  10. Yum, that certainly is a treat worth having!

  11. Grazing looks like a great treat! Hope the snow holds off a little while longer!

  12. Aunt Lynne - we got snow today. Brrrr!

    Carolyn - oh how nice for you! I am sure you will like having new kids around.

    Daisy - thank you very much. I know how much you like to eat!

    Da Bean - I saw all of you guys eating your hay!

    Melodie - It will soon be under the snow and I won't have any more greens to munch.

    Esme - I am so glad you thought of me. I DO appreciate your award.

    jaz - it has been weird here weather wise too. Cold then warm then cold again.

    JD - grazing is grazing. It doesn't have to be an adventure! As long as the food is good.

    Cute - we are NIGERIAN goats. We like the desert.

    blueviolet - it sure was. Now how to get more!

    BeadedTail - too late! it snowed today!

  13. I can't wait to see the goats with the snow, but these pics do just fine too for me to see what everybody is up to lately.


  14. They're growing up so fast. Sniff, sniff.

  15. I believe all of you have a great goat time. :)


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