Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Sweet Taste of Pine

If you will recall from last Friday's AbbyDay the publicist brought us a nice treat of some pine tree branches. Mmmm, they were tasty. I haven't had a chance to tell you about them until now. It's been so busy around the Farm that the pine tree story fell by the wayside a bit. But the memory of that delicious pine still lingers.

The branches were freshly cut and were bright green.

Mallory and I both enjoyed a nice munch.

And of course Blue Guy had to get in on the act. He never misses a snack!

Jillian did her fair share of nibbling.

The kids were all still here then; don't they look cute all in a row eating their pine?

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of our pine eating frenzy as much as we enjoyed eating it.

Tomorrow:  The girls get frisky


  1. As a plus,after a yummy meal of pine,you all had piney fresh breath!

  2. Blue guy is very handsome! I like roosters for some strange reason. I think a pine wreath would be nice about now all fresh and smelling nicely. But I wont eat it. ;)

  3. How fun! My kids would eat this up!

    Thanks for coming over on my Sit's Day and making it special!

    Blessings to you,
    lana @

  4. I would have thought that pine needles would be hard to digest. I guess I'm wrong!

  5. Even roosters enjoy pine?!? I never would have guessed it!

  6. I am loving your blog. I have a love for goats and hope to one day have a few, along with a few horses.

    Thanks for sharing...


  7. I would think pine going in (and coming out) would be a tad, uh, painful!

  8. Pine seems like it'd be like a giant bottle brush going through your body. With a fresh scent of course!

  9. besides pumpkins, pine and pine cones are another of my obsessions! i wish i could eat them!

  10. Although there are pines all around,there is none within noming distance of the goat pen.

  11. They look so content as they munch.

  12. Blue guy turned out to be a good looking rooster. I remember when you posted pictures trying to figure out what he was going to be. It's fun to watch them change.
    I've never tried pine needles for our girls, but they really had a time with a couple sacks of maple leaves.

  13. Ohhh looks like you really enjoyed your pine feast!

  14. My goats had sticky mouths and I think it is from the sap in the pine trees! They sure like them!


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