Sunday, November 29, 2009

SpokesGoat Notes

Today is a day full of SpokeGoating. I have several announcements for you regarding my rich soap! You know how much I like to talk about my rich soap. First I will put up my head shot because a good SpokesGoat always shows herself to her best advantage

 and I do like my head shot. I think it shows off my eyes very nicely.

Now, on to the announcements!

This is a big one; the publicist has found BIODEGRADABLE PACKAGING for my rich soap! Isn't that exciting?! Now instead of cellophane that will live forever in the landfill my rich soap will be packaged in biodegradable type cellophane. I am very happy about this. So is the publicist and the male person.

Secondly the publicist has started listing my new scent for winter called First Snow. It smells like when you take a walk out in the snow! It's very fresh, clean and crisp. It's available in several shapes like plain bars

Goats Like to Eat Pine Trees

Abby and Nora

and others to come. Woo hoo for new scents. This is a limited edition so once it's gone, it's gone. In about a month we will have Berrywine in limited edition as well. Mmmmm, rich and heady like a glass of red wine. I will let you know when it is ready.

I hope you like this news from Happy Goat Soap. I like to think I am a good SpokesGoat.

Tomorrow:  Goatucation - Cheesemaking: Cheddar Cheese


  1. You are a very good SpokesGoat!

  2. The new scent sounds yummy. The Berrywine sounds even better! And I like the pine tree soap!

  3. You are so very good at your job -- I think you deserve a raise!

  4. You are a wonderful Spokes Goat!
    The new soap sounds lovely,I wish the computer had smell-o-vision!The molds the Publicist used are very cute too!

  5. An excellent spokesgoat. Well done!

    That new scent does sound yummy... might have to check it out!

  6. Hooray for biodegradable packaging! You are a very responsible spokesgoat!

  7. I love love love that photo. I think I am going to put it on the bumper of my van.

    Thanks for the stickers and the soap. The kids were so excited to have 'kid' soaps.

  8. This reminds me how I need to get some addresses together and start X-Mas shopping. Thanks Pricilla!!

  9. You are such a great spokesgoat! The new wrapping sounds great! We might have to get our mommy some of your soap for Christmas!

    Angel, Isabella & Sadie

  10. The new scents sound great!

    Can't wait to read about the cheese making!

  11. That little face could sell anything-those soaps are beautiful.


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