Thursday, November 19, 2009

Milking Made Easy? Not So Much!

As you all know my rich milk goes into making Happy Goat Soap. It's what makes the soap so special.  Abby's milk goes into it too but if you ask me that's not that important. And now that Jillian and Mallory have milk they are also contributing to the production of the soap. I mean it's only fair; we get a great place to live we need to give something back, right?

Jillian, though, seems to have a bit of trouble with the milking concept. She starts out OK - in fact she looks quite lovely in the milking stand, doesn't she?

But then she does this.

Makes it a bit hard for the publicist to milk her.

She stays like that for a bit and then she stands up. The publicist reaches under her to milk again and then....

Boom, down she goes.

The publicist is frustrated to say the least. It's hard to milk a sitting goat! 
Any suggestions?

Tomorrow: It's AbbyDay!


  1. I have no suggestions since I know nothing about goats. Maybe if you moved the feed up a little higher so she couldn't reach it when she is sitting?

  2. Duct tape !!! No just kidding !I have no idea.

  3. My only suggestion is to get Jillian a chair!

  4. Silly goat! You gotta goose her when she sits down like that! Have you seen the video of the cat lying on the vibrating cell phone?? Or take away the access to the food when she lies down.

    I don't get it--you'd think she would like to get milked.

  5. I"m laughing so hard. That goat does not want to be milked LOL

  6. LOL...seriously funny. This made my morning. LOL.......

  7. I've heard if you put something tall under them so they can't go down-like a bucket under their chest. I've also seen someone rig a little strap up that goes under their belly and doesn't let them go down. When they start dancing on the stand, it tends to get tricky. I didn't get to milk one of my girls this year because she could pull her head out of the milk stand. I guess her head is skinnier than the other two. Next year, either she will have grown too big for that trick or we will fix it so she can't pull out. This year I just let her get away with it since she was nursing twins and I was already milking two.

  8. How cute!

    Now, knock it off Jillian and let the publicist get some work done. :-)

  9. now that is a predicament! i have no idea what to do. teddy is very tricky when i have to do anything to her. so i just coo and tell her how wonderful she is and then she can't get enough of it.

  10. What Jenny said - use a wide strap like a cinch for a saddle and rig something up like a little "boom arm" (the male person will know what that means, I think) and hook that strap up to it and just have it under her belly - just like the have for dogs when you're grooming them. Our llamas do that sometimes when I'm shearing them. Fortunately that means I can just sit on one of my little camp stools and still groom or clip as they lay down. Hope she gets the hang of it so you can get her milked.

  11. Well, I'd start by changing the name of that contraption from a "milking stand" to a "milking sit."

    Maybe if the publicist suspends her from the air... ;)

  12. No clue how to help but it seem that some of the others left good ideas!!

  13. LOL! No suggestions but I find it very funny!

  14. Oh my goodness! Sorry, but that's pretty funny, I can just see you trying to milk her over and over again!

  15. LOL oh my... well she is either really smart or just likes to sit huh :O)...

    The hoist idea Jenny and Split rock talked about sounds perfect :O) LOL of course you just never know what Jillian may think of next LOL

  16. GRab the male person and make himm hold her butt up :)) Or maybe duct tape her legs to the wall.*I may get in trouble with Peta for that. (Peta should be people eating tasty animals! {I'll really get in trouble for that one!!})

  17. I think Jillian needs one of those old-fashioned fainting couches. Not that that would make it much easier to milk her, but at least she'd be more comfortable.

  18. That is really funny. She's such a lazy goat!

  19. I have never milked a goat! A sling from the ceiling? Maybe then you'd have a bucking goat?

  20. Anne - thank you. The grain is our, erm incentive. Without it we won't even climb the stand.

    Melodie - heh heh. I'll bet that would hurt to pull off!

    Daisy - you are very funny!

    Lin - she is one heavy goat!

    Grumpster - Daisy is a smart cat, for sure!

    AudreyO - for sure! You would think she would want the pressure relieved since her kids aren't here any longer.

    Julia _ I am glad we could make you smile.

    Jenny - she does that too but the publicist has her tied in! silly Jillian.

    Marla - were it so easy!

    jaz - a stubborn goat is a stubborn goat.

    Split Rock - the male person is going to try and figure something out.

    Cute - you are too punny!

    SL - she is just a crazy doe!

    BeadedTail - it was funny to start but now it delays my getting out of the barn and I am getting cranky.

    Pooba - the publicist was squirting milk sideways the other day.

    Texan - she is just plain stubborn I think.

    Cici - as I emailed you that is exactly what we have to do. It is no fun for any of us.

    JD - hey! Maybe you could milk Jillian so the publicist doesn't have to!

    blueviolet - a pain in the publicist's butt!

    Sharkbytes - thank you for visiting my blog. It would be interesting to say the least...

  21. Hey, hello from france. i had a goat like that !! very annoying so when she tried to sit down i pulled her up again by her tail, obviously she hated that so soon got the message that every time she sat she would get her tail pulled ! So... she never did it again! been milking her now for almost a year. good luck


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