Saturday, November 21, 2009

Matthew is Growing Up!

Little Matthew is well, little no more! He was getting so big and hard to carry that the publicist had to put a goat halter on him. It was time. Doesn't he look cute?

This way the publicist can try and teach him to walk on a lead. She should have done it by now but she has been lazy. He looks particularly striking with his black fur and red halter. He was out for a graze the other day and was munching a dried weed.

He has adjusted well now, but he wasn't happy at first. But he sure knows how to turn on the cute, wouldn't you say?

The publicist is hoping to be able to keep Matthew as a friend for Luke. I think my little studmuffin could use a friend - as long as it is not a doe.

Tomorrow: More grazing


  1. I think red is Matthew's color!

  2. Aw, getting used to those things are a pain! Hobbes STILL hates his collar. If I take it off for a scratching, he runs away before I can get it back on!

  3. Matthew looks cute in his little red halter!

  4. oh good!!!! we get to keep one!!! hooray!

  5. He is SSSSOOOOOOO cute,don't tell,but I can't wait for kids ion the barn yard again!!

  6. He is SSSSOOOOOOO cute,don't tell,but I can't wait for kids ion the barn yard again!!

  7. Matthew is dashing in his red halter! We sure hope he gets to stay and be a friend to Luke!

  8. Debbie - I agree wholeheartedly!

    Lin - Matthew does not like that the publicist can haul him around by the halter. Heh heh.

    Daisy - he IS a cutie pie.And I don't say that only because I'm his grandnanny.

    jaz - we're trying!

    Da Bean - I was glad to see you posting again. Kids are fun. I hope you have some on your Farm soon.

    BeadedTail - the publicist hopes so too. She likes him.

  9. Matthew ~ Red is definately your color.

  10. He really has grown up. It happened so quickly.

  11. Awwwww, who's a big boy? Who's a big boy???


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