Saturday, November 28, 2009

Matthew Gets Around

That Matthew! He's quite the traveller that little kid. He was out exploring the other day and he had some adventures. I'm not sure the publicist was happy with him....

He spent some of his time eating the weeds over by the barn.

I have to admit, they are pretty tasty so I don't blame him.
He even munched on some wood. Mmmmm, wood

He then got into the garden and started eating the dead tomato plants.


Do you see what has happened? Matthew has gotten his halter caught in a tomato tower!

Good thing the publicist was there to help him.
It didn't bother him much as he went on to another plant and started nibbling.

Nothing keeps a goat from a good munch.

Tomorrow: I have a SpokesGoat Moment


  1. All that cuteness makes it easy to get away with a little mischief! Matthew sure is growing up fast.

  2. mathew is very lucky the publicist was nearby! it's terible when your food attacks you!

  3. So did the goats get special Thanksgiving treats?

  4. During Thanksgiving dinner we talked and invariably the discussion turned to goats! We need an expert. Obviously goats will like brussels sprouts, but what about cranberry sauce?

  5. if you want to do something really fun between now and christmas rent that movie and watch it with the male person! it is hysterical. at different parts of the movie they show chevy chase opening doors on the house. each one has a different christmas scene. beverly d'angelo plays chevies wife. it is a great flick and timeless.

  6. I'm just curious - it looks like Matthew is wearing a regular halter but I remember seeing "collar" type halters on the other goats. Which do you normally use and prefer? I left a knotted rope halter on my Peruvian horse and our Arab (who has an oral obsession) dropped the latch to the gate on the round pen through the halter and then my Peruvian horse pulled so hard he had himself well and truly stuck on that gate. It took some real tugging to get him unhooked!

  7. Melodie - he is the most adorable little guy. He makes us all laugh.

    jaz - you are very right

    Aunt Lynne - we all got some extra apples! Mmmm, apples.

    Chichi - I would think not, although I myself have never had any. I am not one for sugary things. Except apples!

    Split Rock - We used to all wear halters but they were rubbing the does noses and the publicist didn't like that so she took them off the does and left us with collars. She need to keep them on the bucks for handling purposes though.

  8. I am noticing that you goats dont discriminate between dead weeds and green weeds and that you eat them all! I am thinking that is a GREAT survival strategy.

  9. That Matthew - what a cutie!
    That photo with him stuck on the tomato cage - it looks like he's giving us the biggest, toothiest smile! LOL
    I got halters for Pete and Reggie just a couple weeks ago and they don't care for them much (understatement). They normally wear their collars but for hoof trimming and stuff, I wanted to be able to secure them better.


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