Saturday, November 7, 2009

Log Hopping...and Munching

The publicist thought that the kids might be a bit bored so she brought them a little present.
She brought them some log stumps to jump on and to munch.  You know we like to munch on the branches and bark of trees so having the stumps was nice.

Little Matthew was the first one up on a stump. He is a cutie pie!

He could be a goat on a stump model, don't you think?

Emily took her chances with a stump on its side.

Hmmm, maybe munching is better.

Mallory sure likes to munch on the stumps. I don't blame her.

Jillian watches over Jeffrey as he plays on the stump. I think she just wants to munch and she is waiting for him to leave.

I think it would be funny if I tried to get on one of the stumps. Heh heh. THAT is not going to happen. I am a smart goat!

Tomorrow: Emily OWNS her stump


  1. I like it! It's a toy,then when the kids are bored with it it is a snack!

  2. just like human kids, homemade toys are best!

  3. So cute! Oh and the cats came back!

  4. The simpler the toy the more they like it...did ya notice that our men are the same way.

    Dorothy from grammology

  5. Big fun for goats, I guess! The kids look like they are growing up fast.

  6. Who would have thought stumps could provide so much entertainment AND munching?! Thank you for hosting my EC ad today!

  7. They are all just the cutest little things!

  8. Those stumps are kinda like a playground at a restaurant - fun and food in one!

  9. I agree with Melodie. You have to love something that is a snack and a toy.

  10. Melodie - it's two, two mints in one...heh heh. I guess I am an old goat.

    jaz - that's right. The male person cut those logs.

    Aunt Lynne - I am glad your kitties came back.

    Dorothy - that is very true.

    Lin - they are. Emily and Jeffrey are leaving on Tuesday.

    Split Rock - We goats are very simple.

    blueviolet - I am going to miss them....

    BeadedTail - how true...Maybe I should franchise it.

    Anne - and they are eco friendly!


Maaaaaa away....


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