Friday, November 20, 2009

I'ts AbbyDay! I Received a Fan Letter

So there, Pricilla! The publicist told me that I, I Abby, got a fan letter. Not Pricilla. Ha! Someone wrote and said that AbbyDay was the best day on the blog. Ha! again I say! That makes me think that I could be a star. Just look at me! Look at how my fur glistens in the sun.

I could be on one of those CSI shows. See here? I am sniffing out the evidence.

Or I could play the tough goat in a Die Hard movie. Just take a gander at my mean look .

I could even do a Stephen King movie - don't I look scary? Or maybe just a little crazed...

And despite what that Pricilla says about me I can play sweet too. Don't you just want to give me a scratch between the horns?

I'm ready for my close up Mr. Spielberg!

What do you all think? 
What role do think I would play best?
I hope you enjoyed today's AbbyDay.

Tomorrow:  Matthew shows off his new halter.

The publicist asked me to remind you that today is the last day for the giveaway on her blog of the 18" x 24" Poster Print from Digital Room so head on over and check it out!


  1. Altho you have a very sweet smile and look very scratchable, I'd have to say your best role would be that of a crazed goat. I think you would be very convincing, and I'm surprised Stephen King hasn't written a horror story about a goat gone awry. He's written about every other possible scenario.

  2. I vote for the crazed goat in a Stephen King movie ... and I mean that in the nicest way.

  3. You should be a star in:
    Dr Abby and Ms Hide

  4. ::scritch, scritch, scritch:: between the horns.

    I think you could play any goat role!

  5. Abby, you'd be a wonderful addition to any Stephen King movie. I'll put in a call on your behalf.

  6. You are a beautiful goat! I like the last picture best,it looks like you are smiling!

  7. You are a star! That last picture cracked me up. What a spectacular goat smile you have.

  8. I think Abby is my new favorite. I love that last quizzical look. But I agree a nice creepy Stephen King movie would be perfect for a wild goat on the loose.

  9. Abby, I believe you are very beautiful, but I don't think you would enjoy doing what others tell you all day. You strike me as very independent.

  10. We love your smile in the last photo Abby! A crazed goat role sounds like a fun one to play so hopefully you can be in a Stephen King movie.

  11. LOL, this was my favorite Abby post yet! Your yellow slitted eyes DO look a bit dun-dun-dun! I think you could pull off a role in a Stephen King flick. And you have a lovely smile so maybe some modeling in your future, too?

  12. JD - thank you. I think crazed goat would use my acting skills best.

    Aunt Lynne - thank you. It's good to know I can do many styles.

    Aunt Vicki - Of course you do! heh heh

    Secondary Roads - are you trying to skin me?

    Daisy - why thank you!

    blueviolet - ooooh, I would appreciate that! I can use all the help I can get. I mean being gorgeous can only take you so far.

    Melodie - thank you. I am a talented goat.

    Cute - Of course I do. I am Abby!

    Lenox Knits - I am so good I could play any part given to me.

    Anne - hmmm, I had not considered that. Perhaps I could direct too!

    BeadedTail - then I could be rich and dump this Farm. Don't tell the publicist I said that.

    Heather Cherry - when you look as good as I do anything is possible,oui?

    Lin - of course you do!

  13. The range of your expression is endless!!! Abby you need to be in movies for sure. I am not a good casting director but I think you're an actress just waiting to be discovered.

  14. All great photos, the last one with your lovely smile is just to good :O)

  15. If the farm gig doesn't work out for you, seriously consider commercials. You have the perfect smile for a toothpaste ad, you gorgeous goat.


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