Sunday, November 8, 2009

Emily Rules the Logs

As you saw yesterday the kids were having fun hopping on the logs the publicist put in our goat pen. Not to mention munching on the logs. Mmmmm, bark.  Emily it turns out is Queen of the logs! She doesn't let anygoat push her off her log.

She hops up and it doesn't matter who comes along

or even if say, Mallory, tries to butt her off...

 ...Emily just puts down her little head

or sometimes she even puts out a hoof.

She doesn't even take anything from her mother, Jillian!

She is one tough little kid!

Tomorrow: Goatucation - Making Goat's Milk Cheese, Feta


  1. Good for Emily.. Just proves girls are smarter :-) !!

    Zoomies thinks that the kittens are animated toys!

  2. Emily gives a good straight-arm move!

  3. What a feisty girl! I love the hoof push!

  4. Yeah for girl power! If she doesn't win by cuteness,which is hard to believe anyone wouldn't be won over by the cuteness, she will win by muscle!

  5. Go, Emily! I love the hoof-push move!

  6. has emily been watching football.....nice moves there!

  7. Girls just wanna have fun!!

    Can't wait to hear about making Goat Feta Cheese!

    I really want to try making goat cheese! I think Sugarcube would be willing to share her milk :O).

  8. Emily is one tough girl! The straight hoof move made us giggle!

  9. Good for her. Nobody is gonna push little Emily around!

  10. I tried to convince Sierra to name the new doggie Emily but she wasn't into the name.

    I love it. She seems so full of personality.

  11. Those are some cute goats! We have three goats that wander around in our subdivision on the edge of a jungle in the Philippines. One goat got caught in a nearby fence, and my Sainted Patient Wife went out and rescued the poor thing. Great photos!

  12. Aunt Lynne - girl power!

    Daisy - she sure does. She could be a crossing guard!

    Melodie - she doesn't take anything off of the big goats!

    Lin - She shows them who's boss.

    jaz - I don't know about football, but maybe some steer wrestling.

    Texan - it's easy, you'll see!

    BeadedTail - it's always good when you can laugh.

    blueviolet - that is so very true.

    Carolyn - we are going to miss her when she goes to her new Farm.

    Dave - thank you for visiting my blog. That goatie better be careful!

  13. You go, Emily!

    She IS one tough little kid. Love that hoof-out push to Abby's head.

    She's the boss!

  14. That is great! I love how she defends her stump against all comers.


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