Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dona Nobis Pacem

Today is the Blog Blast for Peace. I have filled out my Peace Globe along with lots of other bloggers.

Goats are all for Peace. So, for the most part are the Farm chickens even though Blue Guy sometimes attacks the publicist. 
The Farm cats are for Peace too.

It makes me mad that there is war. Here I am  with my mad face

We at the Happy Goats Farm are all having a sit down for Peace today. I am sitting down

The kids are sitting down

Sherpa is sitting down (which is really unusual. Sherp tends to run around like a dervish!)

Even Blue Guy is sitting down.

We want Peace.

Tomorrow:  AbbyDay - there goes the Peace


  1. I adore the mad face!!!

    I feel the same way Pricilla. This made me smile...and giggle. But the cause is serious.

    I applaud your efforts.

  2. Ah, you have a very cute mad face, Pricilla! Peace to all the Happy goats, chickens and cats!

  3. I'm with the animals! Peace for all!

  4. Peace for the worldwide barn yard!Amen!

  5. Indeed, may we be given peace.
    Congrats. You won the contest at Secondary Roads. Please stop by and claim your prize. (I'll transfer the EC credits today.)

  6. I'm sitting down for peace too--although I should be cleaning house.

  7. i just sat down too! animals are smarter than humans! blue guy is a very handsome rooster.

  8. I am so proud of all you Farm animals doing your part for peace.

    I think I may go sit down now.

  9. Can I join the sit in? I'd like to site too.

    And I was admiring Blue Guys spectacular tail. It's good to know he sits sometimes. Our Mr. D never sits. It's just constant patrolling. I think he does not get this peace thing.

    I want peace too.

  10. Everyone should take a hint from the animals at Happy Goat Farm!

  11. And boy oh boy, I want to sit right down with all you pacifist cuties, too! Nice gesture, guys!!

  12. I am going to join you with sitting down for peace (although it is hard to find a cause I will not sit down to support). I agree that peace is definitely a good cause.

  13. You goats mean business! The world better obey, or at least the publisher.

    (No TV in the goat house? How can there be peace without TV?)

  14. We love your mad face Pricilla! We also want to join you all in the sit down for peace. Peace to all!

  15. Radical Sit Down for Peace - *flashing you all the V peace sign*

    I'm glad I dropped by the farm to witness your Sit Down. When even a mover and shaker cat sits down for peace, the Blog Blast for Peace is a true agent for change.

    Peace to you, Pricilla, Kids, Sherpa and Blue Guy.

  16. Peace to Pricilla and the rest of the gang!

  17. Peace would be so good! Great job you guys ...good sit down effort!!

  18. Pricilla, your mad face looks an awful lot like cute face!

  19. That's the cutest mad face I've ever seen.

    What a great sit-down for a great cause.

  20. I love this post. Everything about it.

  21. I want to thank everyone who sat down with us for Peace.

    If only it were that easy.....

  22. A barnyard sit in for peace. I love it!

    Peace to you and yours.

  23. A sit down for peace.
    That is too much.
    It cracked me up.
    It made me smile.
    It touched my heart too.

    Thank you for participating in Blogblast For Peace in November.

    You are #1674 in the Official Peace Globe Gallery. Your globe will post April 19, 2010 at

    I don't think we've ever had a goat before. Maaaaaaa....

    I think I'll do a post on this in the near future for peace globe promotion week. Love it!!
    Too adorable.

    Dona nobis pacem,
    Mimi Lenox


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