Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Chickens Have Their Day

It's only fair that I talk about the chickens of the Farm every now and then. After all they are part of what goes on around here. Of course it is the Happy Goats Farm but I can be a gracious goat and share the spotlight.You see a fair bit of Blue Guy because he always muscles in on whatever is going on but you don't see much of the Rhode Island Reds.

The roosters have grown quite big and are turning out to be rather good looking birds.

Although they are ALWAYS crowing. WHAT is up with that?

Oftentimes one will take a hen for a little snack and then they will dance the lambada. 

They dance the lambada A LOT! I am thinking these chickens are a little erm, relentless.
But this is a family blog and that is all I am going to say. I know the publicist likes having the eggs to eat but she doesn't like being attacked by the roosters.

Would you like this to attack you? 

Wait a minute! THAT's not a rooster! That's Stinky the Farm cat. She wouldn't hurt the publicist....silly Stinky. She must have snuck in the goat pen. THIS is the rooster.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how the chickens of the Farm have grown.

Tomorrow:  Jillian Sits Down on the Job 


  1. The roosters are gorgeous although I am not sure I would think that if one attacked me. Stinky the farm cat is adorable and I am sure he would never attack anyone (except maybe a chicken).

  2. Yes,I had no idea chickens were so... virile ! I am almost embarrassed by the amount of loud,umm..chicken loving that goes on in my back yard!I had a fellow farm girl friend over one day and she sarcastically remarked,"Chicken love,so kind,so gentle..."
    Glad I am not a chicken!

  3. Your roosters are shiny and beautiful! HOw could you want the aliens to abduct them?????

    Since we got down to one rooster (from 3) the chickens and the sole lone rooster dont do the rhumba very often any more. I think when there are many roosters they hold constant dancing is competitions!!

  4. Those roosters look good enough to eat. Good kitty!

  5. Stinky is cute and probably saying, "here chicky chicky". I miss being around farms. I recently visited the pig farm, here in Vegas, (was on "Dirty Jobs") and didn't want to leave. My husband couldn't handle, the smell. What smell?, my brain was saying. Within 5 minutes I was comfortable. Enjoy!

  6. Our roosters crow all the time, too! What IS up with that?

    Tell Stinky we love him and think he is as handsome as the roosters.

  7. beautiful birds..and love Stinky's expression. Like "Can I help you?"

  8. i think i need a little chickucation. do fertilized eggs hatch? do you eat fertilized eggs and how do you know if they are fertilized? which came first, the chicken or the egg?

  9. Our eaten rooster LOVED to er, 'LOVE' the ladies. And he crowed alot. And he was a red. How similar! Maybe you should have rooster for thanksgiving. If your'e going to have ANYONE over, do two or three. Those guys are thin!

  10. Beautiful chickens and roosters!
    My DH would love to have some chickens... We had chickens and ducks and geese growing up and boy I remember the attacks well!

  11. It's like Dancing with the Stars except with chickens!! LOL! Go Stinky!

  12. LOL on the chickens, our Ducks are like your chickens! Peter and Charlotte are a very ahhhh "in love" LOL... Who knew ducks were like that LOL

    We have chickens but no rooster, I bet the girls wish we had a rooster LOL...

  13. I hate being attacked by the roosters, too! I finally started carrying a leaf rake into the pen with me - you can keep them at bay with it - a rake's distance away - not quite a ten foot pole, but close enough.

  14. Beautiful rooster! He sure looks healthy.

  15. I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but they are some beautiful chickens. I love fresh farm eggs. Do the roosters really wake you up at sunrise? Sorry for the ignorant city girl question, but I've always wondered. you know ... the cornflake box.

  16. Such beautiful birds! We envy Stinky!

    Angel & Isabella

  17. Do roosters really cockadoodledoo at the crack of dawn? I always wondered that...

    Stinky is a silly rooster! Oops, I mean cat. A stinky cat. ;)

  18. Anne - they can be quite vicious. The publicist has bruises. Stinky stays away from them too.

    Melodie - I know! Blue Guy will come up and throw a Rhode Island Red Rooster off of a hen then do his thing with her. It's so rude!

    Julia - I don't know how but I agree they are pretty. just mean!

    AB - next year.....heh heh

    misbreezysbox - there is talk of a pig possibly joining the Farm.

    Marla - I will do that

    JennyMac - thank you. Stinky IS a good cat. For a cat.

    jaz - if the rooster danced the lambada with the hen the eggs are fertilized. Yes we eat the fertilized eggs. no we haven't hatched any lately 'cause the hens have to go "broody" and they won't do that 'til Spring.
    If I knew that I would be rich.

    Cici - I agree the roosters we put in the freezer were a bit light on the breast meat. but tasty

    blueviolet - erm we are being dainty with our language about their mating habits.

    SL - thank you. I just wish they were nicer. I like having them but they sure can poke.

    Lin - you got that right.

    Texan - they way some of these hens run away I suspect your hens might be happy the way they are!

    Split Rock - Julia suggested the publicist carry a rake too!

    Jennifer - thank you. There are three of them!

    Marog - they actually start crowing about 4AM. It's not nice if you ask me.

    BeadedTail - Stinky does have the life!

    Cute - as I told Margo they start much, much earlier!

  19. Ahhh don't they look amazing and kitty you're too cute!

    How fun is the farm, Love it!

  20. Blue Guy *is* awful pretty.

    Hey, here's a suggestion for Goatucation: what's the truth behind the whole idea that you goats will eat anything. Surely they don't REALLY eat tin cans and such... do they?


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