Tuesday, November 3, 2009

All About Farm Kitten Sherpa

As you all know we have a new Farm kitten that the publicist has named Sherpa. I thought that perhaps you all would like to know how Sherpa has settled in to life on the Farm.  Given that he used to live in a cage at the shelter in Missoula I would have to think that living here where all of us animals are very spoiled would be wonderful.

And guess what?

It is!

Sherpa is a very happy kitten! He doesn't come outside because the publicist doesn't want to lose him like she lost Farm cat Fred.  So Sherpa has lots of fun inside. He likes to climb as everyone knows; he mostly climbs the male person and the publicist. You saw him in yesterday's Goatucation supervising  the cheese making.  Here he is on the male person's shoulder. He likes it up there. I guess he likes the view....

He likes to help the male person around the trailer. He he supervised the installation of the new Dish DVR. The male person couldn't have done it without him!

He also seems to like it in the publicist's pots. I don't understand this but if she leaves her pots out in hops Sherpa!  Here he is in her 4 quart pot

I guess it was good there wasn't cat stew for dinner.   Heh heh. Just kidding!

But most of all Sherpa likes to sleep. He loves to sleep by the computer while the publicist works. I try not to butt him when I am working.

I hope you liked this update on Farm kitten Sherpa.

Tomorrow:  Log Hopping Kids


  1. Mmmm. I'm hungry for some Sherpa Stew.

    She's adorable. And such a big help around the farm!!

    Thanks for sharing the story of Sherpa with us today.

  2. He looks so sweet sleeping in a ball. I am thinking you will have to cut him off from the shoulder rides at some point when he's like 10 pounds or more though... He's darn adorable now!

  3. Sherpa is one cool kitty! One day my Mommeh wants to get an orange boy kitty, because they are usually extra-special.

  4. I hope you get in on the sherpa time, cause he really looks like a daddy's boy!

  5. Sherpa seems like such a sweet kitty!Sometimes cat's personalities are,well..less friendly.I guess that goes for all animals and people too ;)! I say you all hit the jack pot with Sherpa!I bet he will make those long winter days a lot more fun!

  6. I see how you fell in love with the little sweetie so fast!

  7. He is indeed an adorable little guy!

  8. That is a awesome looking cat!

  9. Oh my gosh I just fell in love with that kitty, Sherpa is adorable!

  10. A great big meeow to Sherpa. He one coold dude. Thanks for the update.

  11. Sherpa is just the cutest! He's a great snoopervisor too! Thanks for the update.

  12. I'm with Daisy--there is just something about an orange male. Geesh, Sherpa is one fluffy cutey! I think he has longer fur than Hobbes and it makes him look like 48 lbs of stripey goodness!! I'm glad you aren't letting him outside.

  13. Sherpa is so cute. Just looking at the pictures makes me want another cat for Lionel to play with.

    I know Sherpa will enjoy his new home!

    Have a great day,

  14. Sherpa is a very handsome kitty! It was good to know about a day in the life of a Sherpa. ;)

    Pimp went through that "parrot" phase too where he loved my shoulder. Thank goodness he grew out of it -- he's way to big for that cute silliness now!

  15. What an adorable face! Much too cute to BE a Sherpa. I think he must HAVE a Sherpa.

  16. JD - I am thinking Sherpa stew might be a little fishy...

    Julia - I hear he is having trouble climbing the male person now; he's getting too heavy. heh heh

    Daisy - I am sure your Mommeh loves you very much. Would you like an orange brother?

    Marlene - the publicist gets lots of time with Sherpa. He "supervises" her when she washes the dishes.

    Melodie - Sherpa is a very friendly kitty cat. He has a nice personality...for a cat.

    blueviolet - it was easy for the publicist to fall in love with the ball of orange fluff.

    Aunt Vicki - I'll bet he would like Xena!

    Carolyn - your new picture is very nice!

    mrsb - I will tell the publicist you said so. You have a pretty kitty too.

    Pooba - kitties are so much fun. or so I've heard.

    Secondary Roads - I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Farm cats now and then. I am not Abby where it is all me, me, me.

    Beaded Tail - snoopervisor. heh heh heh that is very punny.

    Lin - I hear he keeps trying to escape though. Silly kitty!

    Pam - I am sure Lionel would love a friend that is of his species. Although you have so many fun animals on your Farm.

    Cute - the male person and the publicist hope that Sherpa grows out of it. Or stops growing. One or the other...

    Sharkbytes - thank you for visiting my blog. His name was chosen because he likes to climb and he likes to help.

  17. Our Lucky used to love to ride or walk across shoulders. But then he got chunky and it started to hurt. Sherpa is a beautiful little kitteh. I would like some Sherpa Soup too!

  18. Oh how sweet. A kitten that looks like our Calle Cat.

  19. what a cutey... total cuteness


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